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  1. Jow

    Hand Polished Cybertruck! (Not Chrome Wrap)

    after getting a couple metal slivers this past weekend, i was kind of amazed to see them not wearing any eye protection, wow
  2. Jow

    "General E" Cybertruck in wrap inspired by Dukes of Hazzard General Lee (Teckwrap Wild Orange Wrap)

    I still think Ford blew the EV opportunity with the new Bronco, too. Took years and years to finally come out with it, only to be nothing special, imo.
  3. Jow

    Painted my brake calipers

    did you just tape and mask it off and rattlecan it? this looks like something i wanna do
  4. Jow

    Tron style glow in the dark reflective pinstripe / outline wrap Cybertruck (updated with in-motion video)

    i'd like to see the stainless with blue refective, but might not look great in the daylight. wonder which would kind of disappear, silver i suppose?
  5. Jow

    Buyer's Remorse?

    i have a hard time believing CT is (or will be) so in demand that people will pay over sticker for a used one. i'd like to believe it, but i just don't feel it. "but there's 2 million orders".
  6. Jow

    Video: Rodeo Dr | Beverly Hills Reacts to Cybertruck

    even "The Rock" didn't have a clue what CT was on Rogan, makes me think he either has a rock head or lives under a rock
  7. Jow

    Satin White vs. Satin Black Cybertruck

    funny how much bigger the white one looks
  8. Jow

    Cybertruck with LED light bar and in high suspension mode spotted at charging station

    light bar is dumb. anyone who’s added anything up above like that knows how loud it is. do better!
  9. Jow

    Abandoned Tesla Cybertruck rendered

    fits right in with all of these "barn finds" these days...