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  1. FSD Watch Out!

    So on the way home from work last night I encountered a truck on an empty country two lane highway that had just rolled when he was speeding and ended up on the shoulder of the roadway after miserably coming around a curve too fast, he overcorrected and rolled the truck. Luckily for me I...
  2. FSD Watch Out!

    Another reason why I despise dark-colored vehicles, especially black, they absorb light and don't reflect much. I live in the country, think two-lane roads and lots of trees, wanna guess which cars are hard to spot without lights on even though they should be, wanna guess which cars stand out...
  3. It's 12/9 now what?

    So you have a few acres in the Pribilof Islands too? And that's "Bering Sea". A great birding site.
  4. Tesla CEO Elon Musk mocks UAW, slams union over corruption

    The UAW is like a parsitic leach that slowly kills it's host with it's blood sucking actions and then wonders why the host has died in complete dismay. But man that blood sure tasted good while it lasted. Next.....
  5. TSLA stock split soon?

    When asked at the recent shareholders meeting in Austin about splitting the stock he said "not now."
  6. The Anger of Tesla Fans Is Becoming a Problem

    Sure sounds like it. I saw today that the projected production numbers provided by VW, Ford & GM (combined) place themselves MILLIONS behind TESLA for the next ten years and the gap is ever widening. :p :p:p
  7. The Anger of Tesla Fans Is Becoming a Problem

    Great Ideas and I endorse them completely. Now if we could just get the former senator's son to do likewise.
  8. Elon Musk claims Ford and auto worker union wrote the new electric car incentive bill

    Remember the numerous occasions the former senator outright plagerized others works and called it his own. The list is endless, so this is nothing new..... Like Forest Gump said.
  9. A Unionized Tesla Workforce Could Benefit All Parties

    So what else is new coming out of the former senator's mouth. He just follows what his handlers tell him to say and has been filmed making comments that if he answers questions from the press he will get into trouble, too many times to be a joke.
  10. Fiery deaths?

    I, personally have discovered sometimes I am my own worst enemy while driving long distances (4+ hours) if I don't set up a hard "do not exceed" time limit I may tend to push it till I am no more fun and in my case, a 2-hour hard rule helps me to be alert and the world needs more Lerts. Kind of...
  11. Fiery deaths?

    I follow the 2-hour rule, every two hours it's time to take a break and walk for 10 minutes, potty break, food, whatever just get out and move.
  12. Fiery deaths?

    On a lighter note: I "rarely" consume steak but recently did have the opportunity to imbibe a nice fresh hand-cut specimen. It is true what the rumors say, it shut down the onboard processing plant for two days. Was it worth it, not sure. Much mystery as to when the plant would gear back up...
  13. Tesla owner who died in crash was over legal alcohol limit

    Yep, car keys and boat keys are OFF-LIMITS when the alcohol is flowing. Sadly some dorks think they can get away with it easier on the water but sooner or later they kill themselves or others while operating while impaired. Let's face it people are boarder line stupid with machinery and...
  14. Fiery deaths?

    They had smoke in the lungs, but due to the severity of the multiple blunt force injuries, they were unable to move.
  15. Tesla owner who died in crash was over legal alcohol limit

    I wonder if this will make the news cycle with the flare which the Tesla flambe did? There are Autopsy links on the bottom section of the posted story for details. From the Fire...
  16. Fiery deaths?

    WHY DOES THIS NOT SURPRISE ME. Alcohol WAS involved. Duh. Will this make it to the headlines with the same octane which the story about the Tesla flambe did?
  17. A Unionized Tesla Workforce Could Benefit All Parties

    I recall watching an investigative news segment about unions and the "protection" they provided for the members. So they set up a camera crew at a park outside one of the legacy automakers and filmed them on their "lunch break" funny thing is these guys were there enjoying a liquid lunch break...
  18. A Unionized Tesla Workforce Could Benefit All Parties

    My late father was a Union man for years and if he was alive today he would vomit with the actions of the AFL-CIO which he was a member of for 25 years and Treasury of the local he worked in. Dad has been deceased since 2000 but I still get the union propaganda in the mail about once a year...