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  1. Ram 1500 REV - 350 mi (168 kWh) & 500 mi (229 kWh)

    I’m sure that’s part of the plan to beat Tesla, just like GM’s very grand plans. Everyone have learned so much wisdom from Trevor Milton.
  2. Ram 1500 REV - 350 mi (168 kWh) & 500 mi (229 kWh)

    So the RAM will beat the Humve both in weight and cost…..not in a good way.
  3. Official Reveal: 2024 Ram 1500 Revolution EV Pickup Truck Concept ⚡️🐏

    Let’s see how many years it will take for them to make more than a dozen a day.
  4. Instant Compact F150 (Structure matters!)

    Well, maybe no mid-gate isn’t such a horrible idea after all. I’ll settle for rolled down mid window.
  5. Scout EV pickup/SUV teaser released. Visit new sister-site @

    Wait, thought Trevor Milton is already in jail! He is running another scamup from his jail cell? What kind of resort jail do we have these day?
  6. Chevy Silverado EV WT (Work Truck) PRICING Revealed!

    Just you wait, Tesla will crush even Chinese “competitions”! MG, Volvo and many other failed western brands are bought by Chinese companies, Tesla is a stand out and hope they will produce the low cost car for everyday Americans very soon!
  7. Chevy Silverado EV WT (Work Truck) PRICING Revealed!

    They also said they will sell MILLIONS EVs a year by 2025………
  8. Ram 1500 REV - EV Pickup Mule Spied Testing For First Time 📸

    I give them an A for effort!!!
  9. Ford going 100% online for EV sales

    Hey, that’s an insult to the good people of circus!
  10. Look out Tesla, Ford, GM, Rivian - here comes Ram Revolution!

    CT isn’t a 3d rendering with multiple prototypes moving on their own power, not rolled down hill. Tesla already reached 1 million units EV annualized production rate last year so……how does that compare to the “competition”? We all know why CT is delayed but even with global logistical challenge...
  11. Look out Tesla, Ford, GM, Rivian - here comes Ram Revolution!

    Well, Nikola did exactly what you said with just some renderings and rolling a “prototype” down the hill so……….maybe just another scam? They’ve been promising promises for how many years and haven’t made a single producible batteries? Not calling them a fraud(yet) but until their technology can...
  12. Look out Tesla, Ford, GM, Rivian - here comes Ram Revolution!

    Everyone except Tesla have learned well from Nikola! Let’s see how good the 3d renderings look this fall.
  13. Munro's new ride... Rivian

    I wish Rivian best of luck since they will need it to make more than a few dozen trucks. It is a well thought out pickup from features perspective but sadly I can see a lot of the features will slow them down big time. Biggest enemy of good is perfect, they should make a plain/basic truck that’s...
  14. CyberTruck competitor Chevy Silverado EV looks pretty good

    GM knows they are losing money on every EV they sell especially now that raw materials have skyrocketed in price. They are putting all the Nikola investment to good use, pretty prototypes and pictures sell a crap ton of stock! They have no intention of ramping up production, Marry is leading the...
  15. CyberTruck competitor Chevy Silverado EV looks pretty good

    Make an electric vehicle is easy, scale up to volume production is hard! - Elon Musk. let’s see if they can deliver more than 1 per quarter. Does GM have long term nickel mining contract? Nope, no one else does!
  16. Hummer EV Trolls Cybertruck in Touchscreen Menu Icon

    So GM spend all their time “pissing” and mock Tesla, then spending millions on commercials for hummer they aren’t producing AND spend money on 32 Hummer badges instead of putting all their efforts in any sort of productive R&D…..Bravo! This will make shorting GM that much more profitable! GM...
  17. 2024 Ram 1500 EV Will Be Worth The Wait

    You mean the E-RAM owners club that has 3 members and use rotary phones to send messages? The Chinese is setting up shop in Mexico to avoid import duty. Just like Toyota builds Tacomas in Mexico next to the Ford Meriach-E plant.
  18. 2024 Ram 1500 EV Will Be Worth The Wait

    Chinese e-trucks will be running around long before RAM will even manage a prototype let along a mass produced e-truck.
  19. SilveradoEV 2024 deets finally revealed:

    GM is taking notes from Nikola and Chinese EV makers, create some CGI BEV to sell reservations then disappear……or file for bankruptcy again. All the money they spent on Nikola had to do some good right? Edit: also GM delivered 26 BEVs last quarter so I’m 100% certain GM will LEAD in BEV delay-very.
  20. Rivian is targeting Texas for second truck factory

    Because their first factory couldn’t be running any better and completely tapped out on capacity. I know Bezos have to proof he is better than Elon by being the first to go to space in worlds biggest dildo and now he wants a factory next to Giga factory? When will he ever feel secure enough to...