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  1. PowerShare Question...

    Less than 2 weeks away from delivery for my 4th Tesla, and got the invite for configuration on the FS. Didn't expect it this soon. I really don't need the extra stuff "included" with the FS. Would really prefer non-FS, and a $7500 tax credit. And I don't mind waiting awhile for new kinks...
  2. Highway Charging While Driving

    The lost energy through the air constantly being transmitted just waiting to be "harvested" would have be over 98% losses. Extremely inefficient.
  3. Highway Charging While Driving

    Completely a PR stunt. Wireless charging on a 1 MILE stretch. Would not be able to add even .000001% to any battery even if you drive extremely painfully slow at 1 mph, which means you spent an entire hour driving the 1 mile stretch.
  4. Class Action Lawsuit Filed Over Chevy Bolt EV Battery Pack

    Kia and Hyundai had over 3,100 vehicle fires? in the link above. If Tesla had just 3 fires, it would be MAJOR news!
  5. Class Action Lawsuit Filed Over Chevy Bolt EV Battery Pack,hp1s
  6. Class Action Lawsuit Filed Over Chevy Bolt EV Battery Pack

    I'm surprised Chevy didn't just install a fire extinguisher, and call it fixed.
  7. Battery Cycles

    Cell phone batteries would last much longer if they limited charging to 90%?
  8. Battery Cycles

    So, it doesn't really matter if you keep it daily "topped" up at ideally 80% like the Prius does with its ICE. It's all about maintaining the middle range.
  9. Battery Cycles

    When they say a battery pack will last 2k, 3k or 4,000 cycles, does that mean each time you plug in and charge for even 10 miles counts as a cycle? What about a solar panel on the roof? Does each day count as a cycle and contribute to degradation more than it would help?