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  1. Marcia Litsinger

    Foundation Series skipper waiting room.

    Same as yours I saved like crazy to get my CT now I don't have time to save double. I understand the reasoning for a price increase but come on, double? I will be needing the tax rebate. Is this the old bait and switch?
  2. Marcia Litsinger

    Out the door price of FS AWD in California?

    I haven't seen mention the 7;000 tax back from the feds. Anyone figure that into their calculations?
  3. Marcia Litsinger

    Just got a VIN!

    I have been waiting since 11/19. I had to refuse the founder series cause not enough zort. Waiting for myI
  4. Marcia Litsinger

    Cyberbeast to AWD Order Conversion = Instant VIN

    Still waiting. Mine is a 4wd dual motor. My number is 11289----. I see folks getting their invite with numbers much higher than mine. Wonder what's my chance this year?
  5. Marcia Litsinger

    I passed on an offer to Purchase a Foundation Series CT. What now?

    I hI ad to skip too. Had saved enough to pay cash for the dual motor not the FS. I'm wondering if I missed my chance.
  6. Marcia Litsinger

    Non foundation series ordering, timeline and deliveries

    We have been waiting for a very long time. I received the email for the foundation series but it is way out of my price range. I've been saving for four years now and have just enough for the one I ordered in the first place. Seems to me if these prices keep going up I will be priced out of the...
  7. Marcia Litsinger


    Not yet, still waiting,
  8. Marcia Litsinger


  9. Marcia Litsinger

    Can we talk Skid Plates?

    I live rock climbing so am interested in the underneath. Hauling hay or cutting wood, I would not want to worry about the batteries getting hurt.
  10. Marcia Litsinger

    Cybertruck validation testing coming soon?

    i want to drive the truck not just talk about driving. The snow is beginning to fall and I need to get firewood and get to the store.
  11. Marcia Litsinger

    ❗CT Deliveries BEGIN | Austin + NorCal ... "We Took Delivery of Our Cybertruck!!!"

    I received my order invite in the 8th. Now I can't find it. I am ready to plop down my zort don't know where.
  12. Marcia Litsinger

    OFFICIAL 2024 Cybertruck Pricing, Specs, Mileage/Range, Dimensions, Weight, Info

    OK, I'm confused now. Which s it $250 or $1,000. I already paid the $250 am I supposed to pay the $1000 now? Also I saw 68,890 for the awd in a prior thread I saw over $70,000 which is it? Another one, I was sent another RN now do I have 2 on order?
  13. Marcia Litsinger

    📊 Cybertruck SUBMITTED ORDERS Tracking List & Stats [Add Yours!]

    I couldn't fill out the whole thing as I don't know the delivery date.