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  1. Changes to Motor Vehicle Purchase Agreement

    This crappy attitude towards customers is partially why 10% were fired.
  2. NJ found my vin in a parking lot

    There were six at our showroom. Stuck because of recall. Regulations.
  3. FSD (Supervised) is now $99/month

    It is only $98 overpriced : ) Get people hooked at $99 and then raise the price. People who paid $12k or $15K got screwed. And what about Enhanced AP? That is still old code - not on neural net.
  4. WTF moment -- my Cybertruck made a sudden hard brake stop for vehicle on other side of 2-lane highway

    My autopilot sucks donkey (on my Y) after 12.3 update. It stops at every green light and flashes warnings randomly. It is now near useless (maybe by design so you will want FSD). Further, some fuck at Tesla took away the option of engaging Autopilot with one click and FSD with two. So when FSD...
  5. Totaled Crashed Cybertruck in Tampa

    CTs are dangerous! To the other cars on the road. So damn sturdy. Lucky for the other car this was a low speed crash as you can see cabin intrusion starting. As I value my family's safety, I can't wait to get mine. Well, after the Founder's Editions are done.
  6. [Update: NOT VALET] owner crashes Cybertruck at Beverly Hills Hotel 🤦🏻‍♂️

    I guess the driver got a little too excited. Or he thought it had magical properties and could just go over those damn trees.
  7. Cybertruck sells for $244,000 at Manheim wholesale auction!

    OK, here some the mass listings.... Now I wish I would have ordered my FS. I could use an extra 100K as inflation is hitting me hard.
  8. Plaid (bank transfer software) sucks...

    All of these online bank services seem cool and convenient now. But keep in mind EVERY entity in the world has been hacked including the CIA, FBI, NSA, Microsoft, Google, etc. Recently I bought a Y and was told to use my phone to pay with blah, blah. I was thinking to myself GFY. I brought...
  9. Tesla will change Foundation Series order to Non-FS without penalty (YMMV)

    It will be 27.5K savings (if we get the POS rebate). That is the price a used M3. Not everyone want to through money out the window. Maybe that is why I have so much.
  10. Tesla will change Foundation Series order to Non-FS without penalty (YMMV)

    My local Tesla showroom called it fake news. But they were also clueless about the rebates. And arrogant.
  11. Cybertruck for sale through exotic car broker

    If I had more than one reservation, I would sell one. But I really want a CT. It is what we need. But I am not getting the Foundation Series. I will wait for the regular order.
  12. Cybertruck for sale through exotic car broker

    If you sell you CT to an overseas buyer the title will not be changed in the USA. That said, the CT will show up as bing somewhere else in the world. And you can sell a vehicle in the USA and not change the title for a while. My cousin bought a Jeep from a guy who had bougt it from his...
  13. Will the Jan-March 2024 delivery window be honored?

    Yes, your Cyber Truck will be delivered by Jan to March 2025.
  14. Matte black Cybertruck with mirrors removed... talk about sleek!

    Looks great.... But, Barney Fife will be given you a ticket for no mirrors : )
  15. NO TAX CREDIT! Tesla Cybertruck 2024

    These kinds of websites do not get things right 1/2 of the time. Just someone repeating someone else's garbage.
  16. Insurance cost / quotes / premiums for Cybertruck -- what's yours? 💲

    I emailed my guy just now. That is the last hurdle before the final click.
  17. Any ideas on pimping out my CT for cash?

    Make money off of the Cyber Truck by using it in ways it wasn't intended for : )
  18. Any ideas on pimping out my CT for cash?

    Pimp it out - not for someone to drive. I was thinking for videos, advertisements, shows, etc.