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  1. Ideas for Cybertruck at a car show

    No sure where this should go, so I put it here…. My neighbor asked me to bring my CT to a car show in a couple of weeks. Now my wife is coming up with ideas of what we should do to make it fun… what do you all think? I have a Tesla flame thrower, and my other friend also has one… I could modify...
  2. My Satin Black PPF wrap from T Sportline

    Yes, it is Satin not Matte. The little bit of sheen makes it look richer/smoother in my opinion. They had the truck for 9 days, but I was out of town and didn't need it. So I can't speak to how long it would have been. DM me and I can give you the number for the co founder/VP of marketing...
  3. My Satin Black PPF wrap from T Sportline

    I just got my CT back from T Sportline and it’s AWESOME!!!. I got Stain Black PPF (I know others have it too 😀) and tint on the front windows. The guys at T Sportline did a killer job. I live in Orange County but paid to flatbed it up to Van Nuys because, from what I could find, they have done...
  4. Wind noise coming through drivers side window

    Sorry its getting wrapped, It looks identical on each side, but they clearly stuffed something in the weather stripping on the driver side to make it more firm... You can feel the difference but wouldn't visually see it.. I'd take it in If i were you. Get it resolved now, It's not going to get...
  5. Wind noise coming through drivers side window

    Took them two days. Everything they were trying wasn't working I guess. But it's all fixed now. They added some extra cushioning on the door sid and it's all good now.
  6. Company to Wrap a CT in Orange County who has done multiple CTs?

    Title says it all anyone in the Costa Mesa/Newport area have a shop that has done several CTs before?
  7. Wind noise coming through drivers side window

    Picked up my truck last Friday and once i got on the freeway, I noticed a lot of wind noise coming from the front driver side window. Seems like a fitment issue, but I'm scheduled tomorrow to take it in. Has anyone else had this? Just wondering what I'm in for. Thanks!
  8. Aftermarket Cybertruck Wheel Center Caps installed photos

    Ordered, these look great. The raw finish just doesn't do it for me without them...
  9. 12/20 Order Waiting Room

    Dual Motor! Keeping this thing clean is a nightmare!
  10. 12/20 Order Waiting Room

    Got the CyberTruck today! Wow this thing is amazing. Faster than my Model X P100D and turns better too!!! its huge though. Just barely fits in our garage. But I'm loving it. Just need FSD now. The delivery guy said its at least 6 month away, maybe a year...
  11. 12/20 Order Waiting Room

    Updated with delivery this Friday 3/15
  12. VINs Pending Delivery Chart & National Map 🗺️

    1) RN# 11275 2) Configured: 12/20/2023 3)VIN assignment: 02/28/2024 4) The Date of delivery: N/A 5) State: CA
  13. 12/20 Order Waiting Room

    Reserved first day (not sure how many years ago)! Ordered and configured 12/20. Got vin assigned on 2/28. Received text 3/4 stating i will notify wyou when Nin is assigned and when its to to shceudle delivery appointment... But nothing since then... RN 1127XXXX Vin 25XX