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  1. SanJoseNinjya

    how to check if the sensors are functioning?

    When I changed the lane to the left, I almost hit a car on the left lane. It was very close at both case. I had twice in last 2 days, so a little concerning. I expected a sound alarm as well as a visual alarm on the display during the events, but did not get any alarm at all, which made me think...
  2. SanJoseNinjya

    Tonneau mystery- update mystery solved!

    I checked my CT when someone got a tonneau cover with different colors(mix of black and silver) on delivery, and found mine was all black. When I picked up CT at wrapping shop todat, my tonneau cover became mix of black and silver!!!, then when I got home, the tonneau got all black again. I can...
  3. SanJoseNinjya

    Power Share Installation Update and disappointment

    Just got a email from Tesla - "We matched you with a Tesla Certified Installer who will reach out to you to schedule a site visit. Their contact information is provided below. As a reminder, All-Wheel Drive orders are eligible for free Powershare Home Backup hardware; Cyberbeast orders will also...
  4. SanJoseNinjya

    Water raise up while the wiper sits vertical

    this is not a big issue and I think Tesla can easily fix, so fanboys, please do not overreact. I, as a early beta tester, just want Telsla to improve . you stop wiper after rain stop, but water stays lower and side part of windshield, then unlike other cars, the wiper of CT sits vertically on...
  5. SanJoseNinjya

    Do I really need to stick to recommended charging range of 20-80% ?

    Got my first Tesla 2 weeks ago. The efficiency is not bad at all, 358Wh/m during the first 300miles(driving very slow tough). but its very inconvenient if I follow 20-80 rule. basically range is ony 150miles. question is what will happen if I do 10-90? i know it might damage battery, but how...
  6. SanJoseNinjya

    It gets hot inside Cybertruck cabin

    Finally we are having nice sunny days in NorCal and noticed CT gets hot very quickly under the sun due to the large windshield and its angle. I plan to tint very upper part of windshield. any other solution you can think of ? do not say just turn on A/C to max.
  7. SanJoseNinjya

    My Delivery Experience- updated "a small rust identified"

    Thought its time to create one for all delivery experience. Here is mine. RN 11281 ADW order 12/8, VIN 1/20, Delivery 2/7 Sunnyvale, CA. Took a delivery yesterday under a light rain. I was a little concern about a finish quality after I saw pics(scratches) from a delivery at other NorCal...
  8. SanJoseNinjya

    How to secure your Cybertruck if parking outside at home?

    Finally... my CT will be delivered on 7th of Feb! but my garage is too small for CT, so need to park it at driveway. this is my first Tesla, not familiar to their security feature. I learned "sentry mode" can take a video while parking, but I believe it wont stop someone to take away CT. so I...
  9. SanJoseNinjya

    Use credit card for the payment

    I saw some thread here or fb about the usage of credit card for the payment of Tesla vehicle, not for deposit. today I called tesla customer support (888-518-3752) and asked about this, the answer was simple "no". As far as I recalled from past thread, someone mentioned that they were able...