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  1. Fabville

    Cyber Grizzly Bear (Plate Metal Statue)

    Move over polygon owl… Glacier Peak High School - Snohomish, WA I would have tried getting a pick with the CT in front, but a lot of people were going in and out from a basketball tournament and there’s a decent distance from the parking lot to this mascot statue.
  2. Fabville

    Powering the Miter Saw: Off Grid Cyber Power!

    The miter saw requires too much inductive load power for my Goal Zero or EGO portable power stations. No problem for the CT!
  3. Fabville

    Loose Sail Pillar Appliqués (Video of Issue)

    After seeing the post by @GMONEPEPE about the back panel nuts missing I checked mine when I got home. As was mentioned in the thread, these appliqués are only secured by clips, the threaded studs are there to mount crossbars. However, when I pulled up on one of the tabs on the driver side, the...
  4. Fabville

    Has anyone driven in heavy snow? (Blocked headlight concern)

    Curious if anyone has driven in heavy snow yet, seems heavier snow could build up quickly on the bumper and completely block the headlights.
  5. Fabville

    Any CT’s in Leavenworth, WA Mid-April? (Eagle Creek area)

    Had an electrician stop by to give a PowerShare quote yesterday and he asked if I was in Leavenworth 2-3 weeks ago. He was in the Eagle Creek area and said a CT came in quietly, haha. I told him I just got mine a week ago (so it wasn’t me), but i would be heading over to Leavenworth later in...
  6. Fabville

    Cybertruck Mud Bath

    Splashing in puddles at Walker Valley ORV near Mount Vernon, WA.