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  1. CybertruckRN1127

    Lug Nut Size and Shape?

    I'm looking for lug nut locks. Does anyone know the size? Is it 21mm, M14 1.5, and has the V 60 degree shape? Also, please share a link if you already purchased a set of locks. Thanks!
  2. CybertruckRN1127

    Order fee is added to the final cost

    I'm taking delivery soon and on the paper work it shows my $250 order fee as an added fee to the MSRP like a destination fee. It is not a deposit to reduce the MSRP at delivery like the $100 reservation fee. If someone took delivery of their truck already, and paid $1,000, is that added to the...
  3. CybertruckRN1127

    Anyone Recieved ViN Before Loan App?

    My 2nd loan app just expired. My order was 12/8. Has anyone received their VIN before applying for a Tesla loan? I'm not sure if I should apply again or wait since the app now expires in 30 days instead of 60. 1st loan was 6.79% on 12/8 2nd loan was 6.59% on 2/10 Now the rates shows 6.49%...