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  1. Where are the hubcaps? And… check out my new wrap!

    Looks amazing!!! What brand and color is your wrap?
  2. Cheap Wheel Hub Center Caps for Tesla Cybertruck

    Why buy them for $69 on Amazon when you can buy them for $20 on Found the same caps for less $
  3. T-Sportline Wheel Spacers Installed (Before and After)

    I'm curious to see how it affects the range with the increase in drag.
  4. Dumb question about CyberBeast production

    That's the burning question that I have had this whole year and nobody seems to know the answer as to why Tesla has given priority to the AWD over the CyberBeast. Back in January when I placed my order for the Cyberbeast, I messaged Sawyer Merritt on X and asked him, since he knows a lot about...
  5. Cybertruck Performance Brakes coming soon? Spotted in Service Manual

    All vehicle braking systems have to meet a minimum standard for safety reasons and there are many different braking systems that manufactures have to choose from so Tesla has to choose wisely between stopping power, reliability, weight, and price. Tesla is not going to spend 10k for a high...
  6. Cybertruck Performance Brakes coming soon? Spotted in Service Manual

    This performance brake upgrade I'm sure would be very similar to the Tesla Model S Plaid TRACK PACKAGE offered by Tesla where the increased stopping power allowed tesla to safely unlock a higher top speed increasing the overall performance of the vehicle. The reason Tesla does not add Carbon...
  7. Cybertruck Performance Brakes coming soon? Spotted in Service Manual

    In an emergency breaking situation, stopping in a shorter distance could make the difference in a collision or no collision plus, the towing capacity could possibly be increased due to the improvement in breaking power.
  8. Has anyone taken delivery of the Beast model?

    What day did you configure your order? On the "Cybertruck Owners Registry List" you put "11/22/2019" but I think that you confused the Reservation date with the Order Date. You can go back to the "Cybertruck Owners Registry List" and make a correction if you like. 😊
  9. Accepting order timeframe ?

    I wouldn't expect your Beast order to be fulfilled until second half of this year. Ramp up for the Cyberbeast is still much slower than the AWD (about 100 Beasts a week produced compared to 900 AWD a week) and they are still working on fulfilling early December orders for the Cyberbeast. My...
  10. AWD vs Beast production

    Exactly! It's not like they are not making the beast, they are not making enough. Approximately 1 out of every 10 Cybertrucks made are a Beast (10%) which is moving at a snails pace. They are still working on fulfilling December orders. The stats on here shows that approximately 30% of the...
  11. AWD vs Beast production

    I read in another thread on here that the top speed limit for the Cyberbeast is likely determined by the speed rating of the current all terrain tires. Typically, all terrain tires don't have a very high speed rating as they are usually not used for racing. But this reason for the speed limit...
  12. AWD vs Beast production

    That's the dilemma that all Cyberbeast buyers are faced with. Most everyone wants their truck sooner than later. This has caused thousands of buyers to change their minds about getting the Cyberbeast. Had I chosen the AWD, I would have already taken delivery of my truck. Instead, I chose the...
  13. AWD vs Beast production

    The real question is, why are the prioritizing the AWD over the Beast? Given that the Beast is 20k more, you would think that they would try to promote sales the more expensive and likely more profitable vehicle but, instead they are promoting the AWD and loosing sales on the beast which doesn't...
  14. Saw a nice blue wrapped Cybertruck in Naples

    Shadowlawn Dr and Davis Blvd, Naples, Fl. at Rick's Car Wash. Cool sighting.
  15. Changing city/state delivery story and delivery timing

    When did you configure you order? You do realize that Cyberbeast orders are significantly delayed over the AWD? There are many hundreds if not thousands of outstanding Cyberbeasts orders in California and Texas as well as the rest of the country that are waiting for a VIN number that configured...
  16. Vault vent for sleeping

    Cool accessory! looks like a great fit. Is this made specifically for the cybertruck? could you please post a link for this product?
  17. How many People have Ordered in December and Still dont have a VIN?

    Personally, I don't mind the kinks, I'm repaired to tame the beast;) SoCal BeastMode Order 01/12/2024 eagerly awaiting VIN.