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  1. Rivian shouldn't even be in the picture. Cybertruck or Lightning are the only contenders

    For me, the battle is between CT and F Lightnig. Rivian is not even in the picture. The reason why Rivian is not in the picture is because I'm looking for a rugged vehicle that can be abused body wise. If you get a dent on Rivian's bed panel that warrants a replacement, youre out $20K. So all...
  2. Performance/responsiveness of the dashcam/sentry video player

    I have not seen anyone post a video of the performance of the video player to view sentry/dashcam videos. In my 2021 MY, the player is very sluggish to the point where when I see sentry mode events, I dont even try to watch them. I even have the recommended Samsung SSD. How is it on the...
  3. Powershare Home Backup Denial

    Got denied for Powershare Home Backup. I forgot what the questions were but i live in a condo where the garage is attached and it would be less than 60 feet to the panel. This is BS. Edit 1: If they don't want to pay for installation. I wonder if they can send me the hardware.