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  1. Makeodds101

    Cybertruck Vault Cargo Divider back in stock

    Cybertruck Vault Cargo Divider Get it why it’s hot
  2. Makeodds101

    Tesla Underseat Storage bins are back.

    Cybertruck Underseat Storage Bin
  3. Makeodds101

    Cybertruck Spare Tire + Change Tool Kit Available Now in Official Tesla Shop

    Everything goes fast but they have it now:
  4. Makeodds101

    I’m finally a CT owner.

    Location: Rhode Island -Original reservation: 11/21/19 -Invite to configure and order: 01/17/24 -Configured and ordered: 01/17/24 -VIN assigned: on 4/16/24 -RN11284 / VIN in the 7000s -Current Tesla solar and powerwall owner -Delivered: May 4th, 2024 -AWD FS - 4th a in my state, according to the...
  5. Makeodds101

    This Aint mainstream Yet? No twist in favor of Tesla

    If he killed his family, they would say it was because of FSD.
  6. Makeodds101

    Rhode Island, I HAVE A VIN!!!!

    After posting yesterday about spotting a Cybertruck in my small state and how exciting it was since I've only seen three people on"owners club" get invited to config, I'm now a VIN holder. Time for the next step in the process. Key points: -Location: Rhode Island -Original reservation: 11/21/19...
  7. Makeodds101

    CyberTrucks spotted in RHODE ISLAND!!!!

    I haven't got a VIN yet... Day 89. It would great if one was mine.
  8. Makeodds101

    Over 1K Cybertrucks worth of 4680 battery cells were produced at Giga Texas last week!

    CyberTruck x page is giving us some positive info. All I can look forward to until I get a VIN.
  9. Makeodds101

    The Cheaper CyberTruck

    Any chance that the FS CT becomes the cheaper model CT? And the Non-FS CT is either a few grand cheaper or the same price without the perk accessories and FSD included. Only a thought because foregoing an invite to configure might be more costly in the long run.
  10. Makeodds101


    This delete actually makes more sense than a small, tiny, and useless mirror.
  11. Makeodds101

    Is Tesla Making a Blacklist Book (of Cybertruck resellers)?

    Though honestly this CyberTruck being sold seems fake, i wonder how many people will actually test the waters on that no resale clause.