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  1. CHC

    Getting a Physical Key?

    Absolutely loving the Cybertruck in my first few weeks of ownership. The vault has had zero leaks in the heavy CA rain. I only have a couple gripes: 1) The area where the dash touches the door (when the door is closed) makes a squeaking sound over bumps in the road (does anyone else have...
  2. CHC

    Took Cybertruck Delivery Yesterday! (Marina Del Rey, LA CA)

    Finally took delivery yesterday. Mostly still in disbelief. Huge shoutout to the MDR delivery team who made a big deal about it with lights, a fog machine, and a whole presentation. (Side note: Kimbal Musk's Vin #0 was parked next to mine). Interestingly it came with almost 40 miles on the OD...
  3. CHC

    Tesla is Not Treating Us Like Customers

    Love how people keep insisting that reservation numbers don't mean anything when they so obviously do. Dumbest hill to die on. Let me make it easy for you to understand: Early RN number = FS invite. High RN number = No FS invite.
  4. CHC

    Tesla is Not Treating Us Like Customers

    Yep and it has only lost 15% of its value over 3 years, unlike my Model X
  5. CHC

    Tesla is Not Treating Us Like Customers

    All this text and none of it addresses my overall point... Also I do own a Raptor and had a great experience. Paid sticker and Ford paid for offroad driving school for a weekend, among other perks
  6. CHC

    Tesla is Not Treating Us Like Customers

    My beef with Tesla can be best equated to why Jay Leno doesn't own any Ferraris: "you know you're spending a tremendous amount of money you should be made to feel like a customer " We're spending a LOT of money on the Cybertruck. Yet Tesla, with ZERO communication, ZERO transparency regarding...
  7. CHC

    Cybertruck for sale through exotic car broker

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with this. Change my mind.
  8. CHC

    💥Features NOT available OR limited💥

    I'll believe it when I see the first actual sale
  9. CHC

    💥Features NOT available OR limited💥

    Not available: The Cybertruck Employee deliveries do not count as real deliveries
  10. CHC

    Why Not Bring Your Garage to You CT

    Christ! It's a truck! Not a '63 Ferrari 250 GTO!!
  11. CHC

    First Cybertruck Test Drive Event? [Holiday Demo Drive Events Email]

    Got this email. Does "complete inventory" and "a few surprises" mean CT test drives?
  12. CHC

    To Flip or not to Flip

    Easy way around this would be to draft up a contract to lease to the 3rd party for a year, and then sell it to the party. Lease rate included in the 'deposit' (sale) price
  13. CHC

    Foundation Series Cybertruck -- Clarified

    Have my Foundation ordered, but on second glance FSD is listed as 'Full Self-Driving Capability' which suggests it is capable but not included. Other Teslas without FSD also say FSD capable, but you still have to purchase it. @cvalue13
  14. CHC

    How do you think further deliveries will happen?

    As a minute one res holder, I'm confident that I won't see or hear anything from Tesla until February to March
  15. CHC

    Foundation Series Cybertruck -- Clarified

    The 20k price jump for the foundation is crazy. Definitely just a premium to get the truck sooner, without any added value at all relative to the Cyberbeast. One may argue that these might be 'collectable' in the future, but Model S Founder's Series models (even the first 10!) don't fetch any...