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  1. mattcatt

    Maybe I shouldn't wait for the CT anymore.

    I wonder if you can sell your spot in line... just askin'
  2. mattcatt

    Cybertruck deliveries based on progress of Giga Texas

    Sorry, but he's right and you're wrong. Inflation is running at the highest rate since 1992, and was 5% higher in May versus only May 2020. Government overspending is rampant. A quick search will confirm the below; The core PCE price index, the Federal Reserve's favorite measure of inflation...
  3. mattcatt

    ? Cybertruck Spotted at Giga Texas Plant! + Interior Look with Yoke Steering Wheel and Performance Pedals!

    Gotta keep saving those duckets~ this is so happening, I'm excited for delivery date announcements!
  4. mattcatt

    Elon Musk: Tesla Cybertruck electric pickup will be able to power a camper

    Looks like an awesome retirement option! Some people retire onto cruise ships full time, some stay where they are, and some go RV~ this looks like a great upscale mobile option to see the continent part time or full time! Forget all these van-bros out there, this is sweet.
  5. mattcatt

    Cybertruck deliveries based on progress of Giga Texas

    Oh, you don't get my little explainer story. No worries, I'm not a great explainer. Overspending is when you spend more than you take in, and has nothing to do with population. Also you are incorrect on food, it has massively inflated, and support you wanted is provided below. Unless you're...
  6. mattcatt

    Cybertruck deliveries based on progress of Giga Texas

    Hi Crissa, I'm going to respectfully disagree with you on a few points here. Housing prices haven't changed much in a hundred years. They're being purchased with less valuable dollars, so more of them are (in certain markets) required. The key thing is that inflation isn't the same as...
  7. mattcatt

    Cybertruck deliveries based on progress of Giga Texas

    Oh, sorry friend - and I do agree with your points - I said the 'Real Rate' - it's the interest rate minus inflation, which is negative for the first time since 2012; meaning, What you get for your savings bonds, minus inflation, is actually less money than you originally invested. But...
  8. mattcatt

    Elon: Cybertruck will not have door handles!

    I really love this as a safety feature against car jacking and other types of zombie hordes. Main concern is exiting CT if driven into a hazardous water situation, with the thick windows and electric doors.
  9. mattcatt

    Cybertruck deliveries based on progress of Giga Texas

    Yes, that would be great if they would only inflate at the target rate. But as we know, the real rate hasn’t been that low in years, and with companies like Tesla and the great need to save jobs and rebuild manufacturing in this country- we need recognition of this lower current value, but as...
  10. mattcatt

    Cup holders

    Yes, but useless if my dog is there, or I need the space for a kid or something... hope other choices appear, perhaps slide out from under front seat, or out of dash as some have suggested?
  11. mattcatt

    Whoever ordered before Dec 2019 will bank $

    Does the reservation number reveal the build position #, or the Referral code? My reservation is RN113158146 - does that mean 158k?
  12. mattcatt

    Rolled Stainless Steel Material - Finishes Available

    Great information, thanks. I was thinking it might be nice to have mine burnished/polished to a high(er) shine. I wouldn't want it all chromed, but a little something, perhaps just the edges.
  13. mattcatt

    Tesla Analyst Estimates 'Staggering' 650K Cybertruck Preorders

    Don't forget the great white north - 4x the population of Switzerland, and more wilderness than any other country in the world except Russia - we'll be ordering some of those CT for sure. I think most here would want the dual for all wheel drive in snow and icey winter weather. A big factor...
  14. mattcatt

    Durability in a lawless society.

    Maybe we can have pepper spray/gun ports fitted. and run-flats.
  15. mattcatt

    Cybertruck premium audio

    Unfortunately for electrification take-up, it looks like the advantage to purchasers is in waiting - the cars and batteries are still improving as the science and build experience is ongoing. I think the CT is coming at the right time between early-adoption and mass-market. Regarding premium...