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  1. InsanelyOK

    Anyone constantly scrape their knee on the door speaker?

    I just picked up my AWD and I immediately scraped my knee on the speaker grill on the door when getting out. Then I proceeded to do so again and again like an idiot every time I got out. Wondering if this is an initiation or something.
  2. InsanelyOK

    Tesla sucks at customer service and communication and it’s our fault.

    So It’s not news to anyone how absolutely abysmal Tesla’s customer service and communication is. I believe with everything that it’s actually a feature rather than a by-product. Don’t get me wrong, there are pockets of Tesla where it’s decent but it’s only really decent when things work out in...
  3. InsanelyOK

    Your experience: How many days from VIN to Delivery?

    For those whose trucks started in Texas. How many days was it from VIN assignment to delivery? Did you get any insights into the logistics from Texas to your destination?
  4. InsanelyOK

    How often did you bother the SC to get an update on your truck’s location?

    I know some of you have waited a looooong time to see your beasts. I’m resisting the urge to bother my SC for updates on my truck’s location after receiving a vin 3 days ago. How much did you bother your SC to get the latest? Mine sounded annoyed after my first and only request.
  5. InsanelyOK

    For those who financed through a Credit Union...

    If you financed through a CU who, in my experience tends to be less well known and slower at processing, did this slow down your delivery timeline at all? What process did you go through? My CU is telling me that they will wire money to Tesla but the last time I purchased through Tesla they...
  6. InsanelyOK

    Tesla Superfan begs Elon for a new Cybertruck

    ‘THEY DO NOT CARE’: Tesla superfan begs Elon Musk for new vehicle after Cybertruck breaks down for fourth time This is one of the reasons why so many people tell me “I heard that there are so many problems… why?” When I tell them I’m getting a Cybertruck… Thoughts? I specifically love the...
  7. InsanelyOK

    How to cancel PowerShare Election?

    I filled out the survey and was contacted by the company to get an estimate. This was before seeing that it would be between $3-4K. I didn’t send the pictures and told the company that I’m going to pass but I havent heard anything back. Anyone know how to change my election and choose the store...
  8. InsanelyOK

    Am I Assuming Correctly? - Cybertruck Infotainment Lacking Features -

    I recently put in my FS AWD order and have since binged the reviews on Youtube and this forum. I've seen a lot of talk about how behind in features the infotainment system is in the Cybertruck lacking core features like FSD and AP among others, that are available in other models. I'm a...