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  1. Cybertruck still in Tesla Center Surrey Vancouver ?

    Being in Vancouver next week and having an order since 2019, does anyone know if the Cybertruck is still on display in Surrey Vancouver ? Tried the forum Canada, got no answer. Thanks
  2. Cybertruck still in Langley Vancouver.

    Hi, I know that there was a Cybertruck displayed at Tesla Langley. As I will visit Vancouver (being from Europe) next week can anyone confirm that it is still in their showroom ? I have a Cybertruck order (12.2019) and hope it will come to Europe. By the way, yesterday I tried the Rivian R1 in...
  3. Tesla CYBERTRUCK HARDCORE Bodykit Concept

    Was this one posted all ready. Love it.
  4. Tattooed Cybertruck ?

    I'm excited to see one day the first "tattooed" CT. Stainless steel should be perfect and you won't see fingerprints. What do you think ?