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  1. 2024.14.5 update just pushed

    Just got this pushed to my truck early this afternoon Pacific time. This seems like an incremental update to 2024.14.3 based on the notes (well, based on the lack of notes, I should say--tapping release notes directs me to 2024.14.3's release notes so usually that means no new features added)...
  2. My next-door neighbor got a Cybertruck too!! Anyone else?

    we rarely see each other, so I was surprised when I saw a cybertruck sitting in his driveway. he never said anything about mine and it's been sitting at our place for a good month and change. finally got a chance to talk to him and yes, it's his indeed, picked up this week. beast, while mine is...
  3. KSR Inc. and pedal assembly recall

    I was reading the NHTSA pdf of the recall and I noticed the accelerator pedal assembly is listed as being made by a company called KSR, Inc., based in Canada. Not being in the field myself, I had to google, and I learned the company makes a variety of pedal assemblies, including both floor mount...
  4. possibly unpopular opinions about sound system and rearview mirror

    I finally took delivery last weekend and feel like I disagree with a couple of points that I've repeatedly read here/on reddit as well as heard in videos. first, the sound system is fine. it's not amazing, "killer," "mind-blowing." it sounds fine to my ears and sounds about on par with, or...
  5. 12/10 waiting room

    I think we're missing a 12/10 waiting room thread! RN1127, ordered 12/9 am in Southern California. Anyone from 12/10 receive a VIN yet?
  6. Autosteer not yet available on production models?

    Is autosteer not yet available for the cybertruck? Tsportline released a menu video and the only toggle on the autopilot page is TACC. No autosteer (and no FSD). Have any other videos covered this one way or the other?