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  1. 2025-2026 Cybertruck Feature/Improvements Wishlist (Franz Please Consider)

    Lets develop the wishlist of features, changes for the next gen cybertruck, 2025-2026, hoping Franz takes note: -2025 4680s Gen 3B, Hybrid Cell, AWD range improves to 440 miles, assuming 3A 390 miles happens fall 2024. 2026 we get 500 miles. -Washer on rear camera. -Delete the rear view mirror...
  2. Cybertruck home charging and utility Time of Use, overnight rates, Not enough time

    I am setup with my utility for time of use (ToU) charging rate, where the rate is discounted at max for the 10pm to 6am window an empty CT at 123kw, assuming 90% charge needed, there is no way to complete this rare max refill in the eight hour ToU window, math shows 9.6 hours necessary at 48...
  3. Advice: At Delivery, Inspection, First 90 Days, Meaningful Adds

    Guys, Please provide steps to take at delivery, inspection, post delivery Tesla service work/adjustments, first 90 days and meaningful additions. Looking for lessons learned, CT delivery checklist like we have had for years with M3 and MY. Appreciate it as I am getting ready.
  4. Pathetic Fraud, CT wannabe clone and denying it

    How sad they keep copying Tesla, happening over and over Tacoma door handles under their “exoskeleton” bondo what?!?, they must think the general public are brainless
  5. Cybertruck and Vandalism, Keyed - How to protect & repair stainless steel?

    We know for others not like us types, open to change and like radicalness, the Cybertruck might polarize to the point of keying the body. We can take scratches out of stainless steel, but the question is, can we repair deep key scratches? In stainless steel, how deep is the protection?
  6. Cybertruck L2 Charging -> Tesla Gen 4 80amp Wall Connector

    Is this back to the future when the Tesla Wall Connector Gen 1 is reborn as Gen 4 providing 80amp charging for the massive Cybertruck max battery pack of the Tri motor top model? Like the old WV 80amp will recharge rhe max pack in 10 hours vs 20 with 48amps.