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  1. Makeodds101

    My cameras stopped working :(

    Just did it when I got my truck… you saved me a headache
  2. Makeodds101

    My cameras stopped working :(

    I’ll just screenshot this… you never know. Mine is getting wrapped now.
  3. Makeodds101

    Let's see your Cybertruck towing Electric Boats or Any Boats

    This is what I’m getting next, gotta get the sea-doo🤣🤣
  4. Makeodds101

    Foundation CT tax credit ?

    No, it has to be 80k or under. When you purchase the vehicle, no matter which one, it’ll be over that 80k. They don’t separate the cost as 80k and separately an addition 20k, if they did we would possibly be able to use the tax credit.
  5. Makeodds101

    How often are you washing Cybertruck?

    I’m currently at once a week, no wrap or coating currently. I honestly enjoy cleaning it.
  6. Makeodds101

    Cybertruck Vault Cargo Divider back in stock

    Yeah I’m gonna hold out and wait for the PowerShare credit I’m suppose to get, I’ll save it for when it’s available after that.
  7. Makeodds101

    Cybertruck Vault Cargo Divider back in stock

    Cybertruck Vault Cargo Divider Get it why it’s hot
  8. Makeodds101

    Tesla Underseat Storage bins are back.

    This is true, but it was in stock at the time of the original post, which is why it was posted so people can grab them before “ THIS ITEM IS OUT OF STOCK”.
  9. Makeodds101

    Tesla Underseat Storage bins are back.

    Cybertruck Underseat Storage Bin
  10. Makeodds101

    First Police Cybertruck Upfit - by Unplugged Performance

    I was messing around with my CT. No light package yet though. They're just magnets😂😂
  11. Makeodds101

    Sentry Screen? Red Eye or Owl?

    Mine showed an owl with red eyes when I walked up to it without my phone.
  12. Makeodds101

    Order submitted celebration w/ CyberBeer & CyberStein 🍻

    I drank mine with my wife when we picked up the truck... Didn't like it at all but it was well worth the wait😂. Also regular guy. No ties, first Tesla.
  13. Makeodds101

    Side Mirror Delete Kit installed from CYBERTRUCKco today

    Looks like suicide door handles. That'll be a crazy DIY.
  14. Makeodds101

    Cybertruck XPE floor mats in stock - BestEvMod product

    Is this your product on Amazon?I order a safe from you guys on May 6 through Amazon, date keeps continually changing and now it's not giving me one. Are you guys not in stock, if so why are they still for sale on Amazon?
  15. Makeodds101

    Blind spot cameras stopped functioning

    Reset, had it happen to me too, seems like a software bug since the vision continued to operate just fine
  16. Makeodds101

    Switching to a Model X during service

    You have been spoiled, I know that because I have too. For work I drive a regular car and I've already had to adjust my brain over and over again too spinning the steering wheel. I can only imagine the yoke being that much weirder.
  17. Makeodds101

    White trim replaced with Alcantara DIY trim! (in Matte Grey Cybertruck)

    Much cleaner, looks like you did a professional job. Also, thanks for explaining to us DIY'ers.
  18. Makeodds101

    CyberVessel Thermos in Official Tesla Shop [Updated With Real Life Video]

    Good looks, I was about to buy the Tesla one yesterday, glad I waited and saw this post. I snatched up the matte black one.