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  1. jcryer3

    Ordered FS CB, but FS ending…

    My Cyberbeast is supposed to be delivered between Oct and Dec. I suspect that as they phase down the FS, there will be overlap. They have had almost a year to figure out what the non FS will be in order to reduce the cost. Look for a lower base model with options.
  2. jcryer3

    I’m RN# 11323XXX My place in line is 495,744. How is this possible? Is everyone cancelling?

    I was surprised when I got my invitation to order. I reserved the tri-motor within a week of the roll out in 2019. The invitation says it is being offered to early reservation holders. What constitutes an early reservation holder? At any rate, I am going to buy it.
  3. jcryer3

    Tesla changed the Powershare benefit for FS CT orders - from $4000 credit to $2500 voucher

    I signed up for the PowerShare. The way I read it is that we have to pay for it through a certified Tesla installer. The $2500 credit seems to apply to accessories. Anybody else trying to decide how to proceed? i am trying to decide do I invest in a powerwall. I do not have a generator, and...
  4. jcryer3

    Cyberbeast waiting room

    I wonder if the dual has a greater profit margin than the beast?
  5. jcryer3

    Hummer Tax / Sect 179 Deduction Anyone?

    The better way is to lease your vehicle to your business. You cannot use 100% since it will be also used for personnel use. So 60% business and 40% or 70% business and 30% personal is a good ratio. Your business then deducts all the expense, depreciation (which is huge on Tesla) plus...
  6. jcryer3

    In 4 years how much more value will the Foundation Series have over normal?

    The most rapid depreciating asset is technology. I have thought that Tesla vehicles should be upgradeable, but I suspect Tesla wants you to buy new stuff. The original roadsters are somewhat collectible, but there are no parts so keeping them running will be difficult. EV’s are not like ICE...
  7. jcryer3

    Order cancellation list

    I am assuming 50% total cancellation. Also the remaining 50% probably has 20% single motor types. We can assume 40% of the reservations are moving forward. So if you are at #200,000 on the list, there are 80,000 in front of you. Anyone else have an opinion?
  8. jcryer3

    Does the Delivery Situation in Texas Affect Country-wide Delivery?

    Texas is one of the largest markets for Teslas. I have bought two. You to pay in full, and it comes with a California title. You have to take care of the transfer, tax and plates yourself. Tesla is hands off. I do not see why they have to ship it out of State when it has an “out of State”...
  9. jcryer3

    Pricing strategy

    My approach would be to initially price the Cybertruck competitively to keep the momentum and excitement. You can gradually raise prices as improvements, options, and backlog grows. It is the most anticipated vehicle in the industry. Manage the market and customer loyalty; the brand will grow...
  10. jcryer3

    Electric Truck Economics - Worth the Price?

    I am not sure the reason for the aggression depreciation other than the price cuts by Tesla. The Plaid is an incredible vehicle to drive. It is has a few minor warranty issues, but nothing serious. Value is always determined by market value. That being said, it means that people are not...
  11. jcryer3

    Electric Truck Economics - Worth the Price?

    I also have concerns about the cost. I had a 2013 P85+. I sold it in 2021 as the warranty was about to go out on the drive train and battery. It only had 27,000 miles on it. I replaced the drive train under warranty, and the fellow that i sold it to had to replace the battery in 2022. It...
  12. jcryer3

    Reservation Change

    I think the trimotor reservation established a price point that buyers were willing to pay for the top end model. I wonder what percentage of the reservations are trimotor? That should indicate where the initial production will go first.
  13. jcryer3

    RWS only on Quad Motor trim per Tesla Oracle

    In my humble opinion, if Tesla can crush the competition on price, the Cybertruck will be a huge win for Tesla and the customer. The Cybertruck has a lot of unique features and quality materials. I believe Elon wants to show the world that through innovation in manufacturing, Tesla can deliver...
  14. jcryer3

    RWS only on Quad Motor trim per Tesla Oracle

    I do not think that 4 wheel steering is a cheap add. I think it will be exclusive on Tri-motor. Tesla could configure the Tri motor with it and the dual motor without. That way they can justify the Tri-motor cost. Not everyone will need the tight turning radius.
  15. jcryer3

    A Cybertruck discount

    I think the battery is the one huge issue on resale. At $20k for a replacement battery, buying a used EV has a lot of risk vs. an IC. On a IC just add the gas.
  16. jcryer3

    A Cybertruck discount

    My wIfe liked our 2013 P85+ better than the plaid. It had a sunroof, color coordinated interior and several options. I sold it to a friend who has upgraded the computer and screen and replaced the battery. It obviously is not as fast as a plaid, but it looks extremely nice.
  17. jcryer3

    A Cybertruck discount

    Actually EVs are more like a rolling piece of technology than a car. Certain cars because of their uniqueness maintain their value and ultimately become collectable. The most rapid depreciating asset is technology. Technology advances and old technology disappears. The early Teslas have some...
  18. jcryer3

    A Cybertruck discount

    I think all of us who bought a new plaid and paid $130k to $140k for a new plaid and woke up to the used market selling them for $85k should get a Cybertruck discount. 😀 I was quite surprised how quickly my plaid depreciated. It is a heck of a car and the die-hard Tesla fans are the ones who...
  19. jcryer3

    What features won’t be standard on the tri-motor and what do you think full spec will cost?

    I would expect that the first orders will be the most optioned and most expensive. It would make sense for Tesla to go with the most expensive and make a greater profit while they lean the production efficiency to be able to build the lesser cost models. They will sell the most expensive...