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  1. Cold.Truth

    More Storage Bin Options: Husky 57 Gallon with Wheels

    Picked up a second Husky57 gal unit, and a second HDX 27 gallon tote as well. It’s all a pretty tight fit, which might be good since I don’t think I need to strap anything down now. The smaller HDX 27 gal totes don’t quite fit perfect though. But they work. Good enough is good enough (for some...
  2. Cold.Truth

    More Storage Bin Options: Husky 57 Gallon with Wheels

    Yeah, I also picked one up yesterday (6/22), as a matter of fact. I only got one because I didn’t think two would fit, according to Husky/Tesla measurements - glad I was wrong. I think I failed to take into account the bed walls are “tapered” and move outwards with height. Tesla “only” measured...
  3. Cold.Truth

    I know where to put that $2500

    I agree. Back-orders should be allowed and would solve all the angst. This reminds me of a Simpsons episode where Crusty the Clown says on his TV advertisement; “Hey kids! Ha ha ha..come to Crusty Burger and eat a burger and I’ll give you $40!!!" fine print below said... (offer not valid)
  4. Cold.Truth

    Energy efficiency - one small data set

    Get ready for insane levels of attention pretty much wherever you go, LOL. I was down in Socorro at a SC station and had a crowd asking questions. I feel like Kim Kardashian, only I’m prettier. (…says the 59-year-old fat guy speaking) 😜
  5. Cold.Truth

    Energy efficiency - one small data set

    I plan on driving from ABQ, NM to Las Vegas, NV, then up to Tahoe/Reno and into the CA Sierra Nevadas - and back again - in August. I’ll post some trip data from that for y’all. I’ll be running heavy so will probably have less efficiency.
  6. Cold.Truth

    I know where to put that $2500

    I got my code yesterday(6/19/24) but I noticed the June 2025 deadline so I’m not going to rush to buy things I don’t need or are overpriced. I’ll do the Qmerit walkthrough and probably spend it on the Powershare - even though I’m not particularly enthusiastic about Powershare since my local...
  7. Cold.Truth

    Energy efficiency - one small data set

    Update to my average energy after ~ 1300 miles of mixed driving involving off-road, highway, and (mostly) around town stuff. 390 Wh/mi on average so far. Not too bad. Cheers.
  8. Cold.Truth

    Powershare Customer Support Email Address

    Humm. If the equipment is included then ~ $3500 might not be that bad (assuming the equipment is roughly worth $2500 retail) - as that’s about $1000 for the labor ??? but perhaps there are other factors to consider? (and every home is different so labor will vary and sometimes equipment might...
  9. Cold.Truth

    Aftermarket Bed Storage Bins -- Husky Heavy Duty Waterproof Stackable Plastic Storage Containers [Updated w/ photos vs. Tesla Vault Bins]

    I was a first day, first 10 minute RN# and the various websites, and my math came to the same conclusion; if non-FS, then rough guess might be Q4 or 2025 Q1. So yeah, probably not three years, but that might have been just an off-the-cuff comment by that poster, not a claim. Day 3 might be a bit...
  10. Cold.Truth

    Wheel Center Caps installed

    I have a large suction cup device I plan to use (from my Model 3 center hub caps), but I think one can also use a screwdriver (carefully). The vendor is on this thread and might have a better solution. I have ~ 1000 miles with around town miles plus 500 high-speed highways and 50 on gravel &...
  11. Cold.Truth

    Foundation Series production ending soon? Not according to Tesla Cybertruck Vehicle Program Manager Siddhant Awasthi

    For those of you who want to define “exclusivity,” maybe look at the numbers. This simple grid below assumes (I know, but what else can we do?) that some people cancel reservations, pass on the FS invite to wait for NFS, and also assumes new CT orders are coming in daily from those civilians...
  12. Cold.Truth

    First time off-roading, wow! Baja Mode is a blast in my AWD CT!

    Your CT looks fabulous in white. I think we took delivery on the same day (April 9) in Bernalillo. I was the last CT off the lot that day. I dropped by the other day to get another temp tag (still awaiting my registration and title/cert of origin and my white paper tag expired May 21) and saw...
  13. Cold.Truth

    White trim replaced with Alcantara DIY trim! (in Matte Grey Cybertruck)

    That’s interesting because the only thing I see is on the black armrests/pull handles which provides a contrast to Dusty fingerprints. Of course, if I were a mechanic and had black oil on my hands, then the white would show fingerprints but as of right now in real world use in the high desert...
  14. Cold.Truth

    White trim replaced with Alcantara DIY trim! (in Matte Grey Cybertruck)

    Those are some very impressive DIY skills and it looks nice. Congrats! I’ve been driving for 45 years now, and all but one of my cars had dark interiors so I welcome the white interior panels - they take me out of my comfort zone and change things up quite nicely (for me). I was concerned that...
  15. Cold.Truth

    Wheel Center Caps installed

    FWIW, I just did ~300 miles from ABQ to Baldy Mountain, NM and back. This included about 30 miles of gravel and dirt roads over hills and across six cattleguards, at speeds of 5-50 MPH, as well as highway speeds on I-25 up to 90 mph. I’m happy to report that the Hub covers are still on and look...
  16. Cold.Truth

    The honeymoon is over

    Just for a bit of balance, I’ve had three Teslas since 2013, and never had this type problem. I do appreciate when the app reminds me that I left a window down or door open, etc. I would hope this might be an easy fix via a reset and reinstall of the Operating System by a Service Center. Good luck!
  17. Cold.Truth

    Does anyone else have a cloudy windshield and cannot get it clear

    Mine is perfectly fine. It does, however, fog up a bit down low when i first get in sometimes. I crack the windows and it’s gone in 30 seconds.
  18. Cold.Truth

    Cybertruck loses Motortrend comparo to Rivian and Hummer

    I agree. I spend less and less time obsessively cleaning my vehicles as I get older. Not sure why. I guess I just prefer driving/riding them. The Motortrend assumption that “SS is a nightmare to keep clean” might or might not be a fact, but it is predicated on an assumption that the owner...
  19. Cold.Truth

    Got my first middle finger

    90% positively love the CT, and 10% don’t know what it is and ask me about it. So far, 0% negative, thankfully. I pity people who feel like they have to let you know “your [insert object here] sucks” etc. They’re rude and pathetic. I don’t seek the attention, and have only been driving my CT...