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  1. Service appoint for windshield seal?!!

    I'm almost entirely sure this would be covered by warranty. Tesla is usually decent at covering things that would reasonably considered under warranty and a seal that's supposed to be fit at the factory would fall under that category. and, they seem to be going out of their way to accommodate FS...
  2. Aftermarket Accessories (Non-Tesla)

    no personal experience. the "center console front organizer cup holders front tray" looks interesting. I would try that. not sure how I feel about the bed liner. I think it'd mess up the fit of my bed dividers, and I'm also not terribly worried about getting the truck bed dirty.
  3. PowerShare Mobile Connector (Gen 3) -- Discussion

    agreed the Y splitters can be problematic but fortunately everyone in this thread is aware of the limitations. for people who aren't so handy or aware, a dryer buddy is a decent option. worst case scenario is someone who doesn't know any better plugs in a Y splitter and thinks they can run...
  4. Cybertruck Deliveries Suspended Temporarily -- due to windshield wiper motor issue

    sounds pretty typical. I think the most up to date info is often here on the forums/reddit and the employees don't necessarily keep track until it shows up in their work.
  5. Possible strategic pricing move for NON-FS Cybertruck's

    if it's anything like what Tesla has done historically, I respectfully do NOT think it'll be a standard non optional feature--just an optional feature.
  6. Phone key removed by itself?

    this happens to my teslas from time to time and usually as long as 1) you're near the car and 2) you're logged into the app setting it up requires just one tap on the app. I'm not sure why it happens, and since iOS is a lot less naggy about app updates (and updates apps in the background) I have...
  7. CT owners, tell us about the steering wheel

    the squircle is awesome, and if I'm holding the top to turn left or right, it is very reminiscent of holding a pipe wrench or maybe a large adjustable wrench. it feels very tool-like. it's a great design.
  8. For Those Waiting for Non-FS Cybertrucks -- Here's the Flip Side to Consider

    I agree. the stainless is extremely durable and thus extremely forgiving
  9. Cybertruck Deliveries Suspended Temporarily -- due to windshield wiper motor issue

    you just haven't found the right track to listen to, in sync with the wiper... ;)
  10. PowerShare Mobile Connector (Gen 3) -- Discussion

    this is an excellent writeup and I'm sorry you are having so many issues with it. I haven't pulled mine out to use it aside from trying it on my already-installed 14-50, where it worked fine for five minutes before I unplugged it and put it back into the sub-trunk. but exactly as you said, the...
  11. Card Key melted !

    exactly. I was told the same thing and was surprised because for our X they told us "put the key card on the charging pad to drive."
  12. Anyone fixed the interior creak?

    My word, I haven't been following deliveries closely, but that's a lot of miles for a 5 digit serial!
  13. Anyone fixed the interior creak?

    Ha. For some reason rattles drive me fckin bonkers but squeaks are ok!
  14. Service Center Battery Phantom Drain or??

    Message them now in app and tell them, hey I have a long commute home can you please charge it before I pick it up
  15. WTF!!! (PowerShare still can't be enabled)

    Charge on solar is a software thing they’ve had for some time (speaking with reference to my other teslas) and they finally enabled it in-app for CT, but my impression is it’s quite distinct from powershare so I’m not surprised the two aren’t activated together. In the same boat as you.
  16. Cybertruck Autopilot DOESN’T WORK!

    Correct. The other thread got quite testy, but Autopilot by Tesla’s definition has always been adaptive cruise control+auto lane centering and we’re still missing the ALC part. 12.5 can’t come soon enough…
  17. Anyone fixed the interior creak?

    Uh-oh, now I’m going to be listening for a sound i wouldn’t have otherwise noticed! Just kidding…I haven’t heard anything similar on mine (yet)
  18. Software update 2024.20.1 -- AUTO HVAC improvements for hot weather. The A/C cools down the cabin faster, and maintains comfort at lower noise levels.

    happy, wasn’t that the original functionality before the update? On all my teslas for a while the auto setting has only let you pick low med high for fan speed