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  1. Cybertruck range while towing is HORRIBLE!

    Think non towing at 400-450 wh/mile is amazing, 307 miles 0-100%, real 10-95% 261 miles towing with a wind resisting trailer, never designed with low Cd at 800-850 wh/mile expected, 154 miles 0-100%, real 10-95% 131 miles btw, gas PU without a massive tank and towing the same is approx 160 mile...
  2. For Those Waiting for Non-FS Cybertrucks -- Here's the Flip Side to Consider

    I agree for what I am focused on: 20"+35" the aftermarket will be even better, think Fuel Vandal, oh yeah! Premium Audio, AWD included, RWD no sub, etc Heated/Vented Front Seats, AWD included, RWD TBD rest I can subscribe to or like the white, IDC
  3. Tones of V4 Supercharger Working In Progress

    Guys, for max 350 kw potential charging, is the Electrify America the only option? Still now full front and backend V4 350 kw from Tesla?
  4. Rivian R1T Refresh (Gen 2) Dethrones CyberBeast? 0-60 in 2.5s

    R1S gen 1.5, no delivery yet TBD, gets caught up to CT for some specs, a different vehicle, think it really impacts the Lightning CT is for a different buyer, Tesla all in, wants the next amazing vehicle, this is me
  5. Cybertruck wish list

    why not a wishlist, its for the gen 2, continuous improvement
  6. Cybertruck wish list

    We did this back in march, merging your list with that (btw good ideas): -Color-changing DRL lightbar. Seems like this would be super-simple to do. - Power outlet in the frunk. Heck, while you're at it add a USB-C port as well. - Speakers in the frunk. Ultimate tail-gater! - Rear underseat...
  7. Chevy Silverado EV RST functionality (tailgate, rear window, midgate, range, HUD) blows away Cybertruck

    Hearing that the GMC Sierra EV Denali Edition 1 will be even better than the Silverado. More lux inside.
  8. wireless phone charger... why doesn't it work

    Magbak display dual magsafe mounts, when you use no case or add a magsafe case, especially from Magbak, it works perfectly, high watt charging. The dual mount pack provide a high power charger as well. Very happy with the result even with a max size iphone. Good Luck
  9. Audio Problems - Only Dash Speakers Functional

    or a loose ground, power connection
  10. CYBERBEAST 4 foot jump damage

    If I was Tesla, I give him a new CT plus $30K for taking the CT from him and studying all that happened, video and truck evidence of damage and how to redesign what a great live example of a front end vulnerability in the CT design I dont think any unmodified wrangler, F150, range rover, R1T...
  11. CyberVessel Thermos in Official Tesla Shop [Updated With Real Life Video]

    I have the original cyber vessel, the standard Tesla vessel but its cylindrical and stainless no issue, just works for this one, except for the unique shape, whats the buz? when someone gets one, show a picture or video of the top open, not sure how it opens/works
  12. Cybertruck T-Bone accident at high speed - damage photos

    liked the analysis guys, we see intrusion into the CT, but the doors are very thick/deep for further impact space CT did well as we know the team at Tesla is tops, never make an unsafe vehicle glad no injuries
  13. Daily random Cybertruck photos thread - Post Yours! 📸 🤳

    photo, also discuss your selection, i am torn between gloss and matte, all of my current Ts are gloss black, look great
  14. My Only WTF moment in 3 weeks of ownership

    the newest code reminds you to plug it in, hope that helps:p
  15. My Only WTF moment in 3 weeks of ownership

    btw, you alarmed a lot of us with your "WTF" , please save that for real WTF and not a license plat issue.;)
  16. Need for a charger station "emergency-breakaway" device?

    ive never had a panic situation with legacy gas station filling where I needed to go away I cannot see needing this now if USA society changes and this becomes a need, we have a much bigger issue a civil war would be coming....pray never again
  17. CCS Cybertruck Adapter

    I would not advise any CCS charging with the cybertruck. There is no true compatible adapter, due to the fender and very high voltage on the Charge Point 350 kW. Just wait for Tesla to release, or they might not. btw Out of Spec on YouTube explains all of this.
  18. Chevy Silverado EV RST functionality (tailgate, rear window, midgate, range, HUD) blows away Cybertruck

    good points think the good old boy work truck buyer, some will consider the SilveradoEV, most will keep buying the ICE F150, others might consider the RAM ev thats coming, a smaller number will go with the CT yes, blue ocean, CT enters and takes from those wanting lifestyle, maybe taking from...