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  1. Invitation for FS CT RN 11614XX ( 12/2021 )

    You can’t cancel the FS email invite. All you can do is ignore it.
  2. I’m RN# 11323XXX My place in line is 495,744. How is this possible? Is everyone cancelling?

    What is your actual res #? According to certain reservation counters/estimators I was 650k down the list and I received my invite today 113378xxx
  3. Order Confirmation

    What options? It was July to Sept for AWD earlier today. Curious if is now Oct
  4. Oregon VIN secured

    Congrats. Excited to see one driving around Portland!
  5. Took delivery yesterday in Irvine! The Cybertruck is simply an amazing vehicle

    In case he doesn’t answer, I remember the answer being No from “Out of Spec reviews”
  6. Took delivery yesterday in Irvine! The Cybertruck is simply an amazing vehicle

    Congrats and thanks for the info! Curious to see the tonneau cover open and close from the inside view. Saw a video awhile ago that showed some exposed “gear” or “track” near the rear window as the tonneau was fully closed. But haven’t seen anyone else mention it. Also can you hook up video...
  7. What questions remain?

    Thanks for the napkin math. so CLOSE to being able to fit two length wise and being able to close the cover. 20 inches long (plus the 7 inches away from bulk head puts the height of cover just under 25 inches. My dogs are just around 50lbs and they both travel daily in the back of a subaru...
  8. What questions remain?

    Largest crate is 28 wide so you should be able to fit 2 side by side but cover won’t close. Looks like the only size that may fit with cover closed is two Medium Case is EXTERIOR: 29.5" (L) x 20.5" (W) x 23.5" (H) / 25" Highest point on interior CT is 28.66 and it is 51 wide. So you maybe...
  9. What questions remain?

    Can medium sized dogs comfortably ride in back with cover closed?

    congrats! Great to see a familiar name on the reservation list! Excited for you.
  11. If I order today, Tesla say .

    Don’t think so. . . I ordered the same AWD but in 4/2020 and I am between 400,000-650,000 on the list depending on which reservation tracker you use. At the current production rate we are looking more like 2025-26 IMO.
  12. Is the Foundation Series worth it?

    Damn it. Now I gotta go searching again to find it. Stay tuned! 😉
  13. Is the Foundation Series worth it?

    Thanks for putting this together! I swear I saw in a screen grab image from the foundation series email that installation of the PowerShare was included (up to $4000) i have searching the forums to find it again but there are too many pages and threads. Also the lightbar is included on the...