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  1. electricAK

    Why Buy a Cybertruck? Share Your Motivation and Use Cases!

    I could care less about speed and looks. Up here, It's all about utility. Off road, construction, power access, camping, exploring, hunting, towing, winter driving. I regularly tow my jet boat off road, driving onto the river channel and launching off the side of the gravel bank. Requires...
  2. electricAK

    Delivery state priority?

    I know of 1 in Juneau, and perhaps 5 in the Anchorage area. They were all delivered within the last two months I believe. That's not much, but it does show distance isn't the issue.
  3. electricAK

    Cybertruck - Nothing is normal about it

    Hell yeah. Great attitude. Next time someone tells me the CT is ugly, instead of agreeing with them like I usually do, I'm going to reframe it as weird. And weird, is great.
  4. electricAK

    RN113210... Invite to Configure

    Just got my invite in Alaska. RN# 11330XXXXXXX Must, resist.
  5. electricAK

    Are newly delivered CT's being delivered with the rivet to fix the accelerator pedal?

    From what I read, the issue was not anything wrong with the pedal itself, the issue was that they were using soap as a lubricant to slide the pedal cover on (apparently unapproved), and the soap was causing it to eventually come loose. If that is true, it makes sense that early vin's maybe...
  6. electricAK

    How far can I get when plug-in home outlet for 48 hours?

    If you use a standard 120V 15amp outlet, you should get about 12 amps out of it, or 1,440 watts. If you let it charge for 48 hours, that adds up to 69 kWH. If you use the EPA 340mi range/123kWH battery, that's 2.76mi of range per kWH. So your 48-hour charge would give you 190 miles of range.
  7. electricAK

    A simpler solution: change the breaker to 30 A for a 5-15 plug will charge faster?

    Nope. The wire running to the 15amp plug is almost certainly not thick enough to handle 30 amps without melting, shorting, and starting a fire.
  8. electricAK

    Potential injury warning: Leg cut by door corner (warning: graphic image)

    Sorry about your leg! I know the CT will get blamed for this, but there's nothing unique or special about that sharp corner on your door. Here's the door on my Honda element. It has been on the roads for over 20 years and I'm sure more than a few people have been injured by it.
  9. electricAK

    Update Preview: Locking Diffs (Differentials), New Off-Road Modes “Gravel / Deep Snow” & More Coming to Cybertruck!

    Awesome review. So good to finally see them having fun with the Cybertruck, instead of being overly critical about everything. The rock crawl looked better with the CT. Also I'm surprised they didn't talk about the tires on each vehicle. How can you even publish an off road review /...
  10. electricAK

    FSD safety and FUD

    Except FSD doesn't need to be perfect, it just needs to be better than a human. It's already there for very large swaths of road system. Tesla could geofence off the areas where disengagements and corner cases are happening, and FSD magically just became good enough. They could literally do this...
  11. electricAK

    Where’s all the Pre- CT Owners gone?

    Seems like a natural transition of this forum into an actual owner's club. I welcome all the posts about the*actual* truck, issues, tips, findings, etc. @Administrator Maybe we need a sub forum / section dedicated to reservation holders who are yet to receive their truck....and move all the...
  12. electricAK

    Chevrolet leading EV range this year

    You could say the same about the Silverado! They've only made 1,500 of them, and only the work truck / fleet version. Other trims essentially don't exist.
  13. electricAK

    Took my Cybertruck on Sedona's Outlaw Trail for Offroading and Camping -- Photos & Lessons Learned

    How did you feel about the amount of space/headroom sleeping in the vault? (Thanks for writing up your experience)
  14. electricAK

    Tesla Robotaxi to debut on August 8th

    Super interested to see what they announce. IMO would be a flop if they show a strange looking concept vehicle with no steering wheel and make a lot of vague promises about the future. On the other hand, it would be very exciting if: - They put forward a reasonably realistic vehicle, not a...
  15. electricAK

    Chevrolet leading EV range this year

    You mean by releasing the range extender which allows more range than the Silverado? Not sure why you're pretending this option doesn't exist.
  16. electricAK

    Chevrolet leading EV range this year

    As someone who was very excited about the 500-mile range spec, It's tempting to favor the Silverado now. But here's the thing, what I was excited for was an EV truck that is so *efficient* it could achieve 500 miles of range with a battery that isn't comically heavy and bulky. Unfortunately...
  17. electricAK

    Had to go 100k in TSLA to average down and get out

    You bring up a good point about Elon being distracted and perhaps not leading Tesla in the way he used to. But that makes me wonder about a potential catalyst for the stock: if the BOD were to approve a new compensation package for Elon, that could do a lot to improve the situation. Never a...