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  1. Range Extender Purchase Dependency

    Ford has promised NACS adapters to anyone who owns a lightning or EV mustang...but, they are taking awhile. However, 2023 and 2024 new vehicles get adapters right away. The 2023s are discounted, because - they've been sitting. And, supply of 2024s should be slow coming as Ford has slowed...
  2. Range Extender Purchase Dependency

    Except - new Lightnings are being sold with NACS adapters / have access to the Tesla SC network. I'm with you - this is a HUGE factor, but Tesla has no differentiation any more. One consideration - the CT will take advantage of 250kw, Lighting only goes 150kw.
  3. Range Extender Purchase Dependency

    I hear you. I need a truck and don't want to deal with gas vehicles anymore. I also agree with the concept of trying a vehicle first and always having exit options ( I go through a car every 2 years or so :)). That's primarily what has me worried. I can see the lightning losing value, but...
  4. Range Extender Purchase Dependency

    Yeah - an x previous, and currently an s p100d ludicrous and a model 3 lr. They are all best in class - and bought them all after about 20-30k miles used. Saved about 30-50% off sticker. just wish this one was somewhere around what was promised after so many years. Or that it was much much...
  5. Range Extender Purchase Dependency

    “Ford - not a waste of money” or “makes a good short-term placeholder until a legit electric truck hits the market”…not very glowing tag lines. Just too bad we still don’t have a good bet after 4.5 yrs in line
  6. Range Extender Purchase Dependency

    Btw - lightning now has access to Tesla sc’s. Even better - port is in the front / can access charge cords without dropping the trailer :)
  7. Range Extender Purchase Dependency

    Yeah, that’s my point. They both suck at towing equally, which is why neither is a long term investment. If I thought the ct was - even with another 16k (60k total price difference) I’d go with it. Now the aim is to minimize massive depreciation and interest until a true long-term truck comes...
  8. Range Extender Purchase Dependency

    Yeah - I have a boat / need to tow with it eventually…. Unfortunately, ct is a huge gamble in this regard.
  9. Range Extender Purchase Dependency

    $40k difference includes the tax credit differential...but not the promotional interest rate Ford is putting out as well. I'll take 1.9% 36 month financing over the bs 6.5% on the Tesla. Really adds up...
  10. Range Extender Purchase Dependency

    That seals it - I’ll take a lightning at $10k off msrp, lariat, for an effective $40k less and better specs…. Now to get my refund back
  11. Range Extender Purchase Dependency

    Wondering if someone might have some ideas regarding Tesla being on the hook for range extender orders in the future. The problem - if I get the truck, and no RE is ever executed, the vehicle will not meet my needs. Even worse - if they don't deliver on REs and instead offer a longer range...