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  1. ItsDrew

    No more blue AZ plate for my blacked out truck

    It has a 5yr battery that's replaceable. No wiring needed.
  2. ItsDrew

    No more blue AZ plate for my blacked out truck

    Ordered Reviver plate for $699. They charge an annual fee after 60 days, but you can choose not to pay that fee and the customization can't be changed until you get back on a plan. Expensive, but the only way you can avoid the blue plate.
  3. ItsDrew

    Has anyone ran a cable to the dash for charging?

    I'm in AZ. I have dash mounts and charging on all my cars. No issues with the heat.
  4. ItsDrew

    Has anyone ran a cable to the dash for charging?

    OK Chad. Tesla Tunnel Vision much? I have my phone dash mounted for Waze and other driving apps. Also, while using these apps, I need a faster charge than what wireless charging can give me.
  5. ItsDrew

    Has anyone ran a cable to the dash for charging?

    Looking for tips or instructions on running a charging cable to my cell phone holder on the dashboard/screen. Unable to find anything on forums, reddit, or youtube yet.
  6. ItsDrew

    Canceled Powershare: Shop Code for $700

    Apparently they sent the email on accident. The "Hi FNAME LNAME" was someone else, and the code didn't work, and the expiration date was 2024. Hopefully I'll get the correct code/email soon.
  7. ItsDrew

    Canceled Powershare: Shop Code for $700

    I have a shop code good for $700 because my Powershare Home Backup was cancelled. It expires on 5/9/2024. If you don't use all $700 in 1 purchase, the remaining amount will be forfeit. All the products I want to order are out of stock (OOS). Any ideas on how to get around this expiration...
  8. ItsDrew

    Help! Blank front screen after soft reset

    That's exactly why I posted this:
  9. ItsDrew

    STEK Piano Gloss Black PPF + Ceramic Coating + XPEL tint

    I have the STEK DYNOmatte Black and it gets dusty real fast. You just can't see it unless you are up close. I'm in AZ, so it's a dust bowl here. It wipes right off in seconds (also ceramic coated).
  10. ItsDrew

    Will Tesla work with me on delivery?

    This was not my experience with my CT. They were willing to hold it an extra week for me because I was out of town. They agreed to deliver it on the exact date and time I requested. Go in and talk to a human and explain your situation and you should get good results.
  11. ItsDrew

    Fixed: Screen Went Black and Wouldn't Come Back Up

    I was having a few glitchy issues and decided to use the 2 scroll wheels to reboot the screen. It stayed black and wouldn't come back up. Tesla roadside was not able to help, they just wanted to tow me to the nearest service center. The truck was 100% functional, but no screen. I had to use...
  12. ItsDrew

    ELECFRESH | Product Testing | Cybertruck MagSafe phone mount Solution

    @ElecFresh Make sure they don't melt/sag in AZ. Feel free to send one to me for testing. I'll send it back if you would like. Just trying to help. I have the Pixel Fold with a Magsafe case. Heavy.
  13. ItsDrew

    No Idea Where's The Problem From ...

    This happened to me and this was my fix: While parked, go to the car in your Tesla app > Security & Drivers > Make sure "Phone Key" is enabled. If it is enabled, then > Phone key best practices > Reset Phone Key
  14. ItsDrew

    How do I?

    It's definitely in tow mode. I have all the trailer brake settings. The rearview camera is running also and shows nothing but my boat. When towing, I think it would be nice to show left & right cameras instead.
  15. ItsDrew

    How do I?

    I searched for a Cybertruck thread with "How do I" questions but couldn't find anything. I have 2 "How do I" questions and hopefully this thread will be a starting point for other Q&As for new owners. 1) How do I keep the Music/Radio playing when I'm outside the truck? I was working on my...
  16. ItsDrew

    VINs Pending Delivery Chart & National Map 🗺️

    @defrostedcanuck Yes. The front wheel fell of the ramp when unloading it from the transport truck and they had to wait for a plastic part to arrive before they could deliver it. It was very frustrating, but they were very professional about it.