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  1. CHC

    Help. Why not the Rivian?

    North Korea. Lost Generation.
  2. CHC

    Help. Why not the Rivian?

    Huh. Why would Tesla be so litigious if their guiding philosophy is to keep their tech and IP 'open-source'? Seems like there is no moral argument here
  3. CHC

    Help. Why not the Rivian?

    I was just thinking the same after I watched Out of Spec's comparison of the CT to driving the Rivian. Was never really considering one until now
  4. CHC

    Im in a Pickle..

    Hummer EV markups will soon become a thing of the past, there are already plenty of dealers selling at MSRP, and production is ramping up. If you pay markup now, you'll take a massive depreciation hit in a few months
  5. CHC

    Cybertruck spotted driving next to Chevy Silverado!

    The new size is so disappointing, the original concept (shown against the F-150 in the promo) was actually the same size as a half-ton