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  1. D-Stew

    Fully Forged Atomic Wheels for Tesla Cybetruck

    Very cool, I am definitely going to consider these.
  2. D-Stew

    Did the last software update reduce the locking sound volume?

    Really boggles me why they hardset the volume and not allow the user to turn it up or down to whatever their desire is. They keep going back and forth with the default volume on these updates and it is annoying. Hopefully next update puts the volume control in the hands of the user.
  3. D-Stew

    Anyone who received $700 for powershare, any updates on $2500

    If you accepted and received the $700 voucher, no way they are now going to send you $1800 more. You accepted their offer, and the deal is closed.
  4. D-Stew

    Black Spots on sides after going through car wash

    Yep tireshine, request no tire shine when doing through the car wash or get mudflaps. Or if you have a towel/rag, wipe the tires down to get the excess off.
  5. D-Stew

    CYBERTRUCKco 1-2" Lift Rod Kits available now - $79.95 lift kit!

    Ok got it now, never heard the nose down being called a rake. I didn’t think it was for aerodynamics, but more so safety on trucks for their front bumpers to better align to rear bumpers of normal cars. Don’t know that for fact, just heard that before, like it is a safety regulation. I too...
  6. D-Stew

    CYBERTRUCKco 1-2" Lift Rod Kits available now - $79.95 lift kit!

    I’m not sure what you mean “to take the rake.” Can you expand or define that? Why would running the front only cause it to run flat, which I assume means level? As in the truck will level itself with just the front installed, is that correct?
  7. D-Stew

    CYBERTRUCKco 1-2" Lift Rod Kits available now - $79.95 lift kit!

    Ok it wasn’t clear came as a set of 4, I mean only shows 2 in the main photo, text details also doesn’t say sold as a set of 4. If running front only will the truck allow the front end to set higher and the rear lower or will it try to level it in normal driving?
  8. D-Stew

    Rear camera washer / sprayer by ClearVu for Cybertruck

    Not a chance in hell, I’m drilling a hole in the tailgate for a camera wash. I rather pull over if ever truly needed and wipe it with a hand towel.
  9. D-Stew

    CYBERTRUCKco 1-2" Lift Rod Kits available now - $79.95 lift kit!

    Just want to make sure I understand, I can buy the front only and will the truck try to auto level the rear end or will it let the front end sit higher? What about in camp mode, is the truck able to still level itself if needed, assuming it can’t?
  10. D-Stew

    Cybertruck windshield washer fluid leaving white residue?

    I drained my OEM windshield wiper fluid on day 1 and put in a better-quality fluid.
  11. D-Stew

    Any indication of grey interior yet?

    Seems everyone in the same boat of their grey request being assigned a white interior vin. Haven't seen anyone who has actually received grey. Guessing grey will be towards end of the year.
  12. D-Stew

    Front windshield sun shade -- why no aftermarket options?

    This looks like a giant pain in the ass. While I get the potential need for 2 pieces, I would think one for the driver side half and one for the passenger side half is much easier than a top and bottom with suction cup mounts. Seems like a hassle, so much that if I bought I would end up never...
  13. D-Stew

    Foundation CT tax credit ?

    I am planning to do this. Just hoping it doesn't trigger an audit, but based on what I see and read, it shouldn't be a problem.
  14. D-Stew

    Cybertruck window tint - what percentage did you install?!

    70% on windshield. 15% on front windows. Added 50% to rear windows, bed window and roof. Those windows are all factory tinted, but adding 50% got them to be equal to the new 15% as far as darkness/color so the truck looks even on all windows. I added to the front windows. I did all ceramic tint...
  15. D-Stew

    Service Bulletin: Cybertruck Rear Subframe to Body Torque Inspection

    I am VIN 5436 and of all the service bulletins I was told only the accelerator one applied to me. The rest are for earlier vin numbers including this torque of rear subframe.
  16. D-Stew

    Does editing than reverting to original design delay?

    I would assume yes, especially given no tactical grey have been actually released yet.... at least that i have seen. There are reports of customers who selected it, but then Tesla still just gave them white anyways LOL
  17. D-Stew

    Cybertruck Vault Cargo Bins back in stock

    Can we not notify the entire forum members when these are in stock?!?! LOL. I have been trying to get this under seat bin since February. I have email notifications on for it. Tesla sent me the email at 2:30pm Pacific time, went to buy and all were gone already. Then I see this posted 3 hours...
  18. D-Stew


    Holy hell, I’ve seen it all. This is SO obvious, you have it upside down. Maybe delete the post to save further embarrassment LOL.