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  1. Pops

    Turn signal idea for 3D printers or accessory vendors.

    A column stalk is extremely intuitive because you flip it in the same direction as you intend to turn the wheel. You do not need to look or think about it. Currently there are no textures or features to differentiate left from right on the controls. I propose adding a joy stick or rocker switch...
  2. Pops

    False forward collision warnings

    I have Tesla insurance and it's based on my safely score. The past few days have shown multiple forward collision warnings on my score. However there were 0 visual or audio warnings while I was driving. To my recollection there were no close calls or hard braking in the last 3 days. Anyone...
  3. Pops

    Frunk Bag Hooks (Command Strips)

    Simple solution for a simple problem. Matches the SS look Easy to remove. You can even just remove the hook and leave the anchor. No damage or mods Lots of styles available Cheap
  4. Pops

    Understanding "High" Ride Height Behavior

    When using the standard drive mode, manually switching to "High" ride height is always temporary. The screen says it will stay in high until 25mph, but that is not how it behaves. Does anyone have insight into its logic? I believe it is: Stay high until 25mph OR you move >200ft, whichever comes...
  5. Pops

    Accident damage -- plastic bumper replacement / repair cost

    So I let my better half drive the CT for the first time. I explicitly told her to "not crash my baby". Less than 1 hour later I get a call that she crashed into another car. I love my wife to death and we all make mistakes so I am not mad. I feel horrible for the other person. We left a note and...
  6. Pops

    Black Screen in Hot Cabin

    Now that we are out of winter and things are heating up, I am seeing a reoccurring issue. When I return to my vehicle the screen is black and it will not wake up until I reboot it. Conditions to reproduce: Sentry mode on Parked in direct sunlight Cabin temp over 115f The locks and windows...
  7. Pops

    Inexpensive L-Track Anchors and Cargo Nets

    A picked up some anchors and nets for the bed of the truck. If you are interested they are working pretty well for me and I can recommend them. Links: Anchors 6 for $27 Net with 4 sections $29 Large net $20
  8. Pops

    Where to buy full rolls of colored PPF?

    Does anyone know a good place to buy rolls of colored PPF for DIY? Aura Vinyl seems to be the only vendor that sells to consumers, but their PPF is only 4mil thick, other brands are 8mil or more. I am looking for colored PPF, not vinyl. Tesbros only sells vinyl DIY Tsportline only has 4 colors...
  9. Pops

    Best color/finish for a NeverWash™

    I never wash my cars, I let nature do it for me with rain. What colors and finishes(gloss, satin, matte) do you guys recommend that show dust the least?
  10. Pops

    Delay when deactivating Cruise Control

    It seems there is a 1 or 2 second delay when deactivating cruise control via the steering wheel button. Its instant with the brake. Why does it matter? Well sometimes I see a red light or traffic at a stand still well before the Adaptive cruise control and I want to be able to make a more...
  11. Pops

    Cybertruck doesn't quite fit in my standard garage. Yours?

    Be sure to check your measurements. Yes I could squeeze it in, but the way my garage it setup there is a wheel stop about 2 (EDIT: 3) feet away from the wall that I would need to climb up. It would be so close that going in front or behind the truck would not be an option. Basically it would be...
  12. Pops

    Cybertruck CB FS vs Hummer EV

    Right now with the 20k premium of the FS, this is a tough choice. Cyberbeast FS Hummer EV Price $120,000 $115,000 Range EPA 320 381 Turning Radius 43.5ft 35.4ft Clearance 16in 16in Approach/Departure Angle 35/28 49.7/38.4 Bed Length 6ft 5ft 0-60 2.6 seconds 3 seconds V2L...
  13. Pops

    DIY Range Extender. (Seeking EEs or Electricians)

    Its great that Tesla is offering a range extender. That implies that the truck is ready to connect to additional battery packs in parallel, presumably under the bed there is a ready connection point. There is a guy out there that has already done something similar with a few different EVs. He...
  14. Pops

    Switching order from Cyberbeast to AWD

    I have read people who want to opt out of FS after the deposit will lose the deposit and their reservation. Has anyone switched from CB to AWD or the other way around without penalty? I will call the next business day to ask myself, but I want to hear what others have experienced. I made a...