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  1. aaronsurfs

    Tested the Off-Road Mode Update on black trails and it's EPIC

    About 20-30 miles of green to black difficulty trails with a buddy driving an TRD Pro 4Runner and it held up like a boss. In and out of Baja and overland mode multiple times, lots of donuts, lots of engaging and disengaging lockers, zero issues. The only thing I didn’t do was jump it, couldn’t...
  2. aaronsurfs

    Do VINs come in on weekends?

    Just checking if I should continue to check the app 20x a day this weekend or I can take a break. Someone please just lie to me and say no VINs come through Saturdays or Sundays. Thank you in advance : )
  3. aaronsurfs

    Looking good! 2 Cybertrucks awaiting delivery at Bakersfield Service Center

    Saw this pair waiting to be delivered to their owners at the Bakersfield, CA Service Center. The rep there said they have delivered like 6-7 so far. He was also able to give me info on expected build date and VIN assignment but only as a guesstimate. Hurry up VIN! RN#112828…