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  1. Cyberbeast Gets Premium Platinum Throttle Pedal Rivet

    ;) 20,000 times better than the black one.
  2. Is Cabin Overheat Protection not working?

    113F interior despite 100F ceiling limit.
  3. Back bumper doesn’t drain

    When parked on a grade/driveway, water does not have a way of draining as indicated above after a very short shower. I wonder if we could drill holes in the plastic to give water an escape.
  4. New School vs Old School

    2024 Tesla Foundation Series Cyberbeast $130,000 USD Tri-Motor 92 MPGe 845 HP 2.6 s 0-60 11,000 lbs towing 2,500 lbs payload AWD Front lockers (coming soon) Rear power independent Adjustable Air Suspension 35” tires 2016 Ram 1500 Sport [Limited Edition] $50,000 USD ($64k Adj. for inflation)...
  5. Any Cyberbeast VIN / delivery lately?

    I’ve seen no indication of VIN assignment or delivery for beasts on here or YouTube. Any of you getting updates on your beast orders?
  6. Tracker has no Cyberbeast deliveries??

    Is that accurate for us common folk?
  7. Are “Early 2024” orders still the expectation for the early beasts?

    I’m curious to hear what the consensus is for the accuracy of the displayed estimated deliveries.
  8. CyberTire -- Tesla Cybertruck Tire on display at CES 2024

    Made in USA (OK) by GOODYEAR LT285/65R20 Load D
  9. Where to buy Cybertruck's Goodyear factory tires?

    Anyone know where we can buy the Cybertruck tires? I’m going to take delivery of a cyberbeast soon and I’m curious where I can get the spare and maybe fit another truck with a set too.
  10. I'm still getting my Foundation Series, but I can't help but feel bitter...

    I'm a Texan who has driven nothing but big trucks my whole life, and I fell in love with the aggressiveness of the original beast. Originally $69,900 for: Tires: 35x13.5(?)r20 Mud-Tires Range: 500+ miles Towing capacity: More than 14,000 lbs Payload: Up to 3,500 lbs Bed: Stainless Steel...