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  1. Cold.Truth

    Energy efficiency - one small data set

    Hi, I’ve had my Cybertruck (AWD) for about two weeks now and only have a few hundred miles of mixed interstate, city, and mountain roads (Albuquerque, NM). Nevertheless, here is my current (as of 4/25/2024) average energy etc stats for what I have used so far. This should be representative of...
  2. Cold.Truth

    Wheel Center Caps installed

    Hi, I’ve seen a few Cybertruck choices across these forums and on eBay so I thought I’d share mine. I’m not a fan of the $80 fees for a few plastic parts but hey, whatever floats your boat. I found these on eBay for $20 plus $12 shipping so they came to about $27 total. I chose mine without the...
  3. Cold.Truth

    New Mexico Deliveries Are Underway! My Cybertruck Delivered Today 4/9/24

    Hi, I know some of you out there, like me, look to the data as a way to help gauge their own delivery so I am hoping this might help a few of you. Reservation Number: RN1127797xx Reservation Date: 11/21/2019 Order number: RN1127797xx (same as reservation number) Order email invitation...
  4. Cold.Truth

    Communication Analysis?

    Hi, I was just wondering if anyone has done an analysis on the modes of communcation Tesla is using with its customer base (I assume they have seperate modes for their employees, celebrities, and influencers. Or perhaps we can integrate the data into existing analysis? For example; Did you...
  5. Cold.Truth

    New Mexico - dropped by new Service Center in ABQ/Bernalillo area

    Just sharing for general knowledge - I dropped by the brand new Tesla Service Center in the Albuquerque area (in Bernalillo which is just north of ABQ). The hostess informed me they have not had any deliveries yet (but would love to). She thought she recognized my name from conversations with a...
  6. Cold.Truth

    Is the ramp-up finally beginning?

    Hi, I’ve been casually placing the number of documented deliveries over the number of documented orders here on the forum over the last few weeks and have noticed that deliveries for the last few weeks were pretty much at 2% of orders up to a few days ago. Today, it was 3% despite there being...