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  1. a sun shield for dash

    when the sun is high and you are driving into it the white dash trim is fine, except it reflects on the window and side mirror. Making it very difficult to see the rear view mirror.
  2. Results of automatic car wash

    my results of a car wash were not good. most of the panels still had dirt on them as if the spinning rags did not maintain contact. it was quite the scene though, everyone was shooting their cameras while I fumbled getting the truck into carwash mode*. first time failed but found neutral...
  3. Mounting snow plow?

    wondering if there is any way a snow plow might be mounted. guessing not but maybe it has been a thought
  4. Total number of Cybertruck orders?

    I keep seeing references of 100,000 CT being offered so far. But the numbers shown indicate 10,000 in my mind. 1127xxxx was the initial reservation number series. If we are now seeing 1128xxxx, isn't that 10,000, not 100,000?