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    Cybertruck Dimensions and 3D Scans now available

    is there like a percentage discount for us people who want to DIY our own accessories? or is it one price? What would that percentage be if applicable?

    How to get the “rust” spots off?

    okay.. Hear me out. I just used a product called IronX... holy shit! this stuff smells so bad but works so great! Get the biggest bottle. Link (not affiliate) - It goes on clear and turns purple when it is eating the rust. I...

    Open glove box option is weird

    Here is actual command... "Open Butthole"... Im Serious. Try it next time! I know there are a few others like "open the rear thing" or glovebox, open".. I'd play around with it. It's pretty lenient.

    📊 Compiled data: how long (many days) from ordering to receive a VIN and to delivery

    Just got my vin today. RN 11303 April 26 order date 15,5XX vin.. 35 days from order to vin. AWD non beast white interior. no LTS

    VINs Pending Delivery Chart & National Map 🗺️

    I just got my vin today! 05/31/2024 around 1630.. NO NOTIFICATION / TEXT or EMAIL. Just Checked my app. Long Beach CA VIN: 15,5XX

    📊 Compiled data: how long (many days) from ordering to receive a VIN and to delivery

    could we split between cyberbeast and dual motor? I feel like it is skewing the data..

    Lots of CTs in Upland, CA

    Does that mean you cant call them and get a vin from them??

    Hand Polished Cybertruck! (Not Chrome Wrap)

    This is a No 8 finish on Stainless Steel. This is a feat in it's self... *Now lets see the Paul Allen's card...* - Cybertruck swirley distressed elevator finish.. it even has a water mark........ P.S. Looks like they polished out the foundation badging!! 🧐

    RN1131’s it’s our time. Just got the email order invite.

    😧 I am RN 11303 - STILL WAITING FOR A VIN!!! how did you get a front of the line pass??

    White trim replaced with Alcantara DIY trim! (in Matte Grey Cybertruck)

    Sorry the question came off a bit harsh. What I meant to ask was: is this what you did? Or did you have to take off the whole door panel? gray panels aside, is it possible to change it without the whole plastic welding?

    White trim replaced with Alcantara DIY trim! (in Matte Grey Cybertruck)

    THIS is what id love to do! but BLACK! Mind if you shared where you got the Alcantara? Im in LA and wouldn't mind driving a bit.

    Will barkeepers friend affect Foundation Series etching?

    to me, it looks etched and polished into the stainless.. Im curious too if a "Grain" is added (buffed like in the manual), will the polished letters be affected..

    VINs Pending Delivery Chart & National Map 🗺️

    @cgladue , Please update this?? Or let someone else do it! :))

    Pause on California?

    Do you get notified via push notifications? Email? or do you just need to manually check your app? And what is your rn??

    VINs Pending Delivery Chart & National Map 🗺️

    Dual Motor FS WHITE interior here: * first 5 of RN: 11303 * date you configured your truck: 04/26/24 * date you got your VIN : N/A * VIN Number range: TBD * Date you took delivery: TBD Location: Long beach CA

    Tesla [Cybertruck] Powershare and Universal Wall Connector

    Hello all! Id like to start a mega thread on the Universal Wall Connector and Powershare equipment that come with the Foundation Series Cybertruck. We have all seen that there is a lot of unknown, rumors, and assumptions going around. Additionally, I think it would be beneficial for future...

    Breaking: Tactical Grey Interior + 20" Core Wheel Design and Aero Cover for Foundation Series Cybertruck

    I configured 04/26 rn#11303 in so cal. no vin yet but cannot edit..I'm sticking with white :)