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  1. cybrtrk88

    San Diego CT Owners meetup

    Wondering if any CT owners in SD county would like to get together one of these days? Been seeing some around town!
  2. cybrtrk88

    Mud Flaps Installed on Cybertruck - First Photos

    Updated with installed mud flaps photos by @cybrtrk88 Unboxed photos by @Isingh
  3. cybrtrk88

    Wrapped and tinted! Uppf Byron Bay Blue PPF and XPEL XR+

    Finally got her back and I love the color. Xpel 20% front, 70% rears 45% windshield Byron Bay Blue
  4. cybrtrk88

    Turn signal auto cancel not working & sentry mode "sentry mode has turned off due to error in sentry system"

    Anyone get these errors lately? My front cam was also not working this morning but eventually worked again. Tried to toggle on/off and reboot but no avail.
  5. cybrtrk88

    Auto-lock exclude home not working

    Anyone have this issue? Tried resetting home address and toggling autolock / exclude home and and off but i walk away with phone and CT locks everytime. On version 2024.8.12 if it helps..