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  1. [Powershare] Tornadoes in Houston leave 900,000 homes powerless, but not this one with Powershare + Cybertruck

    Who did your install? There’s different ways to configure it. Can you share photos of the install?
  2. [Powershare] Tornadoes in Houston leave 900,000 homes powerless, but not this one with Powershare + Cybertruck

    Yep! That’s great, and is in fact the way that I powered my home as my PowerShare install ironically is in a couple weeks. However, there are drawbacks to this configuration. It’s not auto switching, it handles less amps and power, and requires toggling in the truck with a limit of 12 hours...
  3. Cyberbeast Gets Premium Platinum Throttle Pedal Rivet

    ;) 20,000 times better than the black one.
  4. Is Cabin Overheat Protection not working?

    It seems to have stabilized back to 100F now that I’ve awaken it. I’m curious if left idle too long, does entering its lowest power mode (hibernation) prevent cabin protection from operating. I had the truck sitting on the driveway for a couple days.
  5. Is Cabin Overheat Protection not working?

    113F interior despite 100F ceiling limit.
  6. $130K BEAST… no homelink?

    This isn’t a matter of innovation and improvement. Homelink operates universally with locality for free.
  7. Back bumper doesn’t drain

    Then I can’t reach my wall connector
  8. Back bumper doesn’t drain

    When parked on a grade/driveway, water does not have a way of draining as indicated above after a very short shower. I wonder if we could drill holes in the plastic to give water an escape.
  9. Cybertruck: BEAST (#252) Houston, TX

    They have no timeframe on when it will come. They “will reach out once there is more information.”
  10. Cybertruck: BEAST (#252) Houston, TX

    Come! Let us gingerly touch our tips! ⚔️
  11. Cybertruck: BEAST (#252) Houston, TX

    Of course, it’s what makes my time traveling possible.
  12. Cybertruck: BEAST (#252) Houston, TX

    Thanks! They did not, but I was too giddy to ask. I’ll have to call them…
  13. Cybertruck: BEAST (#252) Houston, TX

    Normie. Just ordered very early and waited impatiently.
  14. Cybertruck: BEAST (#252) Houston, TX

    It’ll come later. Mine comes with it, just not available yet.
  15. Cyberbeast waiting room

    Same exactly as you but I’ve still got no vin or anything. Ordered as soon as truck went up, completed on the 8th, approved for PowerShare and silence. But congrats on your truck! I guess the 30k credit celebs cut me in line.