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  1. BengalBoy

    CyberCRASH!! "OO7" Involved in CyberWreck!! DashCam to the Witness Stand!!

    So, after over 10 years without a car wreck, fender bender, or incident of any kind driving a car, all it took was two weeks with my new CyberTruck to hear that "sickening crunch" and feel the "what the fuck is that" sinking feeling in my stomach. Today was the day I crashed "OO7" and officially...
  2. BengalBoy

    Frunk "Front Trunk L-Track + Cargo Net" Accessory Received!

    Just received my new "Front Trunk L-Track + Cargo Net" accessory from Tesla. Looks good 👍 and will keep my stuff secure and prevent sliding around. Will install this weekend. Installing the "Front Trunk L-Track and Cargo Net" is a simple 10 minute job. You will need a flat-head screw driver...
  3. BengalBoy

    ProTectaClear by EverBright Project! (Whipping that Ole'OCD!!)

    Took delivery on my CyberTruck on 4/20 and after a week of almost daily washing, I've began my project of polishing and application of ProTectaClear metal sealer. Currently, people touching it the following day after a wash (I cannot escape the celebrity of my Space Car), and leaving their...
  4. BengalBoy

    Received Free Super Charging for 2 Months pending Power Share Installation!

    I received an email today regarding my Power Share installation from Tesla. I'm receiving 2 months of free Super Charging pending installation of my Power Share technology. A nice gesture and a signal that Tesla is not prepared to install it here in mid-west Alabama.
  5. BengalBoy

    Franklin, Tennessee Tesla receives 30 CyberTrucks Today!

    I called this morning to check on the location of my CyberTruck. As of Wednesday, it was still at GigaTexas waiting to be shipped. When I spoke to the Tesla representative this morning, she told me a shipment had arrived in the night and my CyberTruck was now in Franklin, Tennessee. Further...
  6. BengalBoy

    How many People have Ordered in December and Still dont have a VIN?

    I'm curious how many here ordered in December 2023 and still don't have a VIN number? When did you order? I ordered on 12/28. What state do you live in? I live in Alabama. No Tesla stores here. PickUp is Brandon, Mississippi. How many days since order with no VIN number? I am now at 81...