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  1. 🗓️ Foundation Series delivery dates updated: Dual-Motor (January-March) / Tri-Motor (Mid-Late 2024)

    That model 3 ramp was in 2018. I would think that they’ve improved their ability to ramp up since then.
  2. Do you think Tesla should honor original reservation price?

    Sure, let’s talk about things that are *never* going to happen. BTW, “should“ is an @sshole.
  3. Home Gen 3 charging unit needs a longer charging cable.
  4. Spotted Cybertruck NZ Winter Testing! Frunk Open View!

    They may have different laws about that stuff in New Zealand.
  5. Lightship L1, revolutionary new RV eliminates towing loss

    I took a tour of the prototype yesterday at an EV show in Los Angeles. I was pretty skeptical, but after hanging out for about a half an hour, and chatting up the staff, I must say that I am very impressed. The design is much more impressive in person than it is in pictures. It’s very well...
  6. Space Camper for Cybertruck announced

    This camper won't bust your range the way a trailer will.
  7. Travel while towing.

    An extension cord might do the trick. The 14 foot version of this one is advertised as being compatible with Superchargers:
  8. Towing Capacity and Range?

    My 2018 M3 gets about 2 miles per % of battery charge when towing a teardrop trailer. I expect things will only improve with newer vehicles.

    I have been looking for this thread for a long time, and I am so glad I found it. Finally, the place where stupid arguments go to die.
  10. Will all EVs (Cybertruck) be resold significantly under value?

    If you are talking about "flipping" a new CT, then I would say that it's unlikely to occur, unless you find someone who wants to buy and just can't wait for factory delivery. Even that seems like a long shot. On the other hand, I heard this weekend that EVs in general hold their value better...
  11. CyberLandr Camper / Overlander Concept for Cybertruck [$150M reservations as of 2/24/23]

    Thank you for your thoughtful comment. I agree that the Cyberlandr is unlike any other RV solution out there, and I hope it will come to fruition. I also put down a deposit for one. The small size doesn’t bother me, as my wife and I are looking to replace our aging 1999 VW Eurovan Camper. It’s...
  12. CyberLandr Camper / Overlander Concept for Cybertruck [$150M reservations as of 2/24/23]

    Wonderful! My wife and I placed our order last night. I am sure we will have questions. The first one of course, when do anticipate delivery? I am sure it is tied to Cybertruck commencing delivery, but do you have a time frame in mind?