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  1. Received my invite, I was 780,000 in line

    The OP is exactly right. He ordered on 7/7/2020. Tesla reported over 250,000 reservations the first week after reveal so his place in line was >250k. By late spring press reports indicated based on tracking and customer reporting that the reservations had topped 500,000. In September on battery...
  2. Total number of Cybertruck orders?

    You are missing a digit. RN Numbers: 112 8xx xxx
  3. Thinking about to cancel my Foundation AWD order

    That is the opposite of what they told me. If it works out for you then that is terrific news. I would have done the same. But I was told that is not an option. (BTW The sales contract says that if you do not take delivery you will have to pay liquidated damages of the order fee plus the...
  4. Thinking about to cancel my Foundation AWD order

    Tesla said no dice on keeping the reservation for a "regular" AWD. I had two choices: move forward with FS (I had already confirmed order on 12/8) or cancel altogether and lose my order fee ($250). I chose the latter.
  5. Thinking about to cancel my Foundation AWD order

    I just cancelled the order with Tesla. They cancelled the order, kept the order fee ($250 for me, I ordered before they boosted fee), and the woman said (after checking with manager) we would lose our place in line. So we are officially non-cybertruck people now. Very sad. Had been very excited...
  6. Thinking about to cancel my Foundation AWD order

    Sad to hear this. I am going to pull the plug on the FS but I would keep the reservation for the normal AWD and see if something improves on the range performance and home link and the charging speed. Sounds like that will not be an option for me. Ah well better to lose a few hundred than to get...
  7. Place in line deterimed by current Tesla ownership?

    I really think it is mostly about location at the moment. They seem to be prioritizing customers that are near major service centers. Someone in FL who got an early invite posted today that he got a call from Tesla and was told he should not expect delivery until the fall. Just my guess of...
  8. What’s the order acceptance rate

    I have RN 11280XXXXX and got an invite in wave 1 and ordered. The cutoff for invitations is very unclear (and seems to have a lot to do with where you live).
  9. Tesla's Cybertruck VIN Activation Tracker (NOT Customer VIN Allocations)

    Gotta be getting close. Placed our order on 12/8. C'mon Tesla, hook a brother up before the New Year. Ready in Houston.
  10. Cybertruck factory pick up in Austin?

    No. Destination fees in the US are, by law, the same for every customer no matter where you live and where you take delivery. You will pay the same in Maine or Austin. They are an estimate average of all vehicles delivered. what-is-a-destination-charge-and-can-you-avoid-paying-it
  11. Tesla not following reservation order numbers

    I would note a few additional possibilities: 1) Tesla may have Separate CA and TX allocations (never said they did not). We should not assume a 112787 from CA is "ahead" of a 112801 in TX. May be two different lists. 2) I still think it is significantly based on proximity to a CyberTruck...
  12. If I order today, Tesla say .

    No one knows. Ford had 200k reservations for the lightning before it launched. They burned through those with the first 25k sales.
  13. Is the Foundation Series worth it?

    I do not have a power wall or solar (I do have a 20kw General with a transfer switch!)
  14. Is the Foundation Series worth it?

    Every situation is different but getting an early vehicle for us also created some off-setting gains. I immediately turned around and sold my R1S for $85k (in one day after ordering). If I had waited until next year for the DM after the Foundation Series etc, I would have definitely eaten an...
  15. Is the order of Reservation being Honored At All?

    They are definitely focusing on Texas and CA but I wonder if they are prioritizing people near service centers or even near specific Cybertruck qualified service centers.
  16. No Resale Provision is Back

    These sorts of preferential buy back provisions are super common in finance, they are fairly common in real estate as well. I would be pretty confident this has been vetted by Tesla's law firm (I will note once again that I told you so back in March so props to me for having a well-tuned crystal...
  17. No Resale Provision is Back

    I think there is language before you hit the payment button (gone now) but in any case, anyone who wants to cancel and get their $250 back because they did not see this provision I am sure it would be no big deal. Just call the number: