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  1. android04

    CCS Cybertruck Adapter

    The A2Z adapter is not available yet, but I would recommend waiting for that one unless you need one now.
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    Tesla Cuts 10% of Global Workforce

    Rohan Patel's post is pinned on his X profile page (see the last 2 paragraphs of his post).
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    Stealth mode (mute pedestrian warning speaker sound)?

    Not happening. Tesla used to let you play custom sounds or music through the pedestrian warning speaker while driving and it was a fun update while it lasted. The NHTSA made Tesla "recall" that functionally with a later software update because a person could bypass the pedestrian warning...
  4. android04

    Cleaning / Treating Hub Cap Rust?

    Brush it off and then spray some CRC 06026 Heavy Duty Corrosion Inhibitor on it. That dries hard and protects the surface like a wax layer would. Can also use Woolwax or Fluid Film.
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    First 9 Miles Driving Home From Dealer: Regrets? First Impressions: Things I Dislike, Not Sure What To Like.

    On the Model 3 and Y you can make the text on the screen slightly bigger in the settings, under Display settings I think. You should see if the Cybertruck has that seeing and if it helps you see better. You can also try changing the display to Light or Dark mode instead of automatic and see if...
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    Your Vehicle Software Version?

    New Teslas come with different software revisions that what is available to other Teslas that are in use. The new ones come with a revision number (the 3rd part of the version number) that is usually in the 100s, but that does not mean that they are newer than everybody else. On the contrary...
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    Lug Nut Caps

    The lug nut caps that fit other Teslas will fit Cybertruck because the lug nuts are exactly the same. And no, they do not have to fit tight. They slide on and off easily and suction holds them on. They won't fly off no matter how fast you go.
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    Change angle of wheels individually through the ODB port?

    If you want to control each of the 4 wheels independently, you can't. The steering rack in the front and back keep the two wheels on each end at a fixed angle.
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    Real story on corrosion?

    The rail dust is not "preventing" the CT surface from doing what it was designed for. It's just sitting on top of the surface. I get rail dust on my regular, painted car every year and have to detail it to get it off the clear coat every spring.
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    Rust Spots/Corrosion is the Norm

    Exactly, this rust spot accumulation from debris in the environment happens to all cars, even ones with actual paint. That's why they make detailing products like Iron-X and Iron Out that you spray on your car, let it sit for a little, and it turns purple. Then you have to rinse it out. Can...
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    CT stuck on snowy driveway

    "This causes lots of speed in some conditions, like driving in deep snow." Meant to say that the traction control causes a loss of speed when going through deep snow, and can work against you by losing momentum. "The other Teslas have a "Slip Start" mice that you have to turn on to allow a bit...
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    CT stuck on snowy driveway

    Anything can get stuck no matter if all 4 of their tires can spin. Keep in mind that the locking differentials are not activated yet in the software. Also, for anybody that hasn't owned a Tesla, the traction control is good but can sometimes work against you. Traction control that Tesla uses...
  13. android04

    Daisy chain charging?

    I don't believe the Cybertruck currently supports Power Share while charging itself. It seems to use the same conversion hardware. Perhaps with a future update, but it would have to be at reduced input and output rates.
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    Tesla Cybertrucks off-roading in Sedona (video footage)

    Read some details about Tesla's off-road testing of Cybertruck from someone that works for them
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    Disapointed With 15mph Reverse Speed Limit

    The older Model S and X used mechanical oiling, but that is no longer the case. Starting with Model 3, Tesla started using an electronic oil pump and oil filter. Model Y and newer Model S/X have the same electronic oil pump. Cybertruck should have the same. Either the 15 MPH limit carried...
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    NO TAX CREDIT! Tesla Cybertruck 2024

    Looks like that is due to the Foundation Series add-ons bringing the MSRP for dual motor AWD to over the $80,000 limit. Tesla's website shows that it will likely qualify sometime this year, likely when they start allowing base Cybertruck dual motor AWD to be configured.
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    Torque wrench and socket specs for changing a tire/wheel on the Cybertruck?

    According to TSportline's video on the Cybertruck they are working on, and on which they tried out 3 different wheels on, the lug nuts are exactly the same as other Teslas and torque specs are the same.
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    Cybertruck engineers bend upper control arm in testing

    No, the common problem with Model 3 front upper control arms was that the ball joint wasn't sealed well enough from water intrusion and eventually the grease inside would wash out and mix with water. That would cause creaking noises when going over bumps. Eventually Tesla sealed around the...
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    Do you think Tesla should honor original reservation price?

    No, the unveil prices were not promised. That was what Tesla expected the prices to be when they started making and selling the Cybertruck. If you know anything about Tesla history with all of their vehicles, you know that they unveil them years before they actually make them and things change...
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    WADE MODE will let Cybertruck drive through water by raising ride height and pressurizing battery 🤿 💦

    Battery packs are not completely sealed off. They have vent ports to relieve pressure from temperature fluctuations and in case of thermal runaway. The ports have valves that are supposed to close off there's any moisture, but they are not perfect. Think of this battery pressurization kind of...