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  1. CyberJet

    Tri Motors teardown (Cybertruck CyberBeast) video by Sandy Munro

    I'm curious and I asked him in the youtube comments if their was anything noticeable with the motors or powertrain or something else that might be the reason its motor and powertrain noise is louder than other teslas and EVs. Wondering if anyone has any thoughts, after watching the video on it...
  2. CyberJet

    CyberBeast deliveries in houston?

    Out of curiosity, has anyone gotten their CyberBeasts delivered in Houston yet if you don't mind sharing?
  3. CyberJet

    The interesting motor whine in the Cybertruck Cyberbeast

    One of the most noticeable things in the Cybertruck and particularly the Cyberbeast is the motor whine. You don't hear that much motor whine in the model s, 3, x, and y which make little to no noise from the motors. The Cybertruck, however, has a decent amount of noise from the motors and I...
  4. CyberJet

    Do the Cybertruck AWD and Cyberbeast trims use all AC motors or some AC and DC motors?

    I know the new model s and x use all Permanent Magnet AC motors for the plaid trims as far as I know. The model 3 and y used one AC Induction Motor and one DC Permanent Magnet Motor for the dual motor trims to my knowledge. While it does seem pretty clear to me that the Cybertruck AWD uses one...