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  1. S.H.Peterson

    I wonder if I can use this instead of S3XY soft switches?
  2. S.H.Peterson

    My real motivation in owning a CyberTruck

    Im going to go out on a narrow ledge here. I dont care about the CT being 'green'., save the planet, polar bears, baby harp seals and all that. Neven been in the forefront of my mind. I want it because of this : I just filled up my wife's Dodge Laramie Longhorn. 30 gallons @ 2.96 a gallon. Big...
  3. S.H.Peterson

    Am I crazy or do you see this, too?

    Ill be the first to admit my mind doesnt work like most people. I see in the shape of the Cybertruck the Norse Hammer. I think I will name mine Mjollnir. Tell me if you see the shape language as well?
  4. S.H.Peterson

    Range degradation and battery issues minmal, less than expected QUOTE FROM ARTICLE: "Most electric cars lose less than 20 miles of range on a charge by the time they hit the typical 100,000 miles...
  5. S.H.Peterson

    Military version of Cybertrucks?

    Given the simplicity, durability, strength, and range of the Cybertruck: What are your opinions as to the possibility of use of the CT in military applications?
  6. S.H.Peterson

    Ideas for gooseneck and 5th wheel trailering

    Hello All, I know this is not a complete DIY. There are a lot of variables that we still dont know yet. This is meant for ideas and possible solutions. Going on past experience and what I can be known about the CT; In order to be able to use a gooseneck trailer or 5th wheel attached light...
  7. S.H.Peterson

    Taxes and the Tesla Semi

    Ok, Semi's have to pay an OTR fuel tax for every state they operate. Diesel fuel is the price that it is because of fuel taxes that are supposedly used for roads. Supposedly. Does anyone know how this works out for all electric semi trucks?
  8. S.H.Peterson


    Curious... if jacked up 4x4 ICE trucks have machine nuts or rubber testicles hanging down in the back... are we gonna use what...lightbulbs? Little lightning bolts? Redneck curiosity here.. ideas? this inspired by CYBERGUS
  9. S.H.Peterson

    Dirty Pictures and wishful thinking...

    OK... so we all saw the pictures of the CT wearing the odd looking steel wheels, yeah? We all saw the surface of the CT with more handprints on it than a Cardashian booty. If a stainless steel appliance can be made that resists fingerprints, why not the CT? Second question is: Are we gonna have...
  10. S.H.Peterson

    WAL-MART expands THOUSANDS of Ev charging stations WAL-MART to build its own Ev charging network. I dont know about ya'll... BUT, here in the South, the ONE place you will find a crapload of pickups is at WAL-MART! I think its a great idea! There are...