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  1. BannedByTMC

    Rich Rebuilds Reviews The Cybertruck

    Some things he likes but overall disappointed, his ending conclusions are fairly harsh, but not entirely wrong. Jump to the 26 minute mark if you want to just hear that part.
  2. BannedByTMC

    Pepsi Adding 50 Tesla Semis
  3. BannedByTMC

    Tesla Makes Deal With China For FSD

    Stock popping in premarket from this news, nice to see a significant upside move again.
  4. BannedByTMC

    Q1 2024 Earnings

    The market seems to like the missed numbers, up 9% at the moment, guess it was expecting worse. Rob discussing the numbers
  5. BannedByTMC

    Tesla Cuts 10% of Global Workforce

    May cause a dip but they've done this a few times in the past, Elon thinks regular staffing cuts are needed to avoid bloat, he's probably correct. Elon: Over the years, we have grown rapidly with multiple factories scaling around the globe. With this rapid growth there has been duplication of...
  6. BannedByTMC

    Reuters: Tesla has cancelled the "Model 2" [Update: Denied by Elon Musk]

    Update, Elon says it's false. I hope this isn't true because it would be a disaster.
  7. BannedByTMC

    Model 3 Production At GF Texas?
  8. BannedByTMC

    Cybertruck Jumped In Sand, Much Damage

    This is disappointing, one moderate jump in sand and this CT has a lot of damage, including a cracked windshield.
  9. BannedByTMC

    Windshield not butt proof, or idiot proof

    "You're not a bullet, you're a Mexican" :ROFLMAO:
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    Toyota Testing Cybertruck
  11. BannedByTMC

    The Nikola Scam Continues

    Popular YouTuber HeavyDSparks is trying to revive the Nikola Badger project and wants to join the Nikola board. He's buddies with Trevor Milton and exhibits equally poor understanding of the technology.
  12. BannedByTMC

    Gallery and Service Center Opening in Buffalo

    NY needs more service centers so this is a good move.
  13. BannedByTMC

    Judge Rules Against Elon's Pay Package [⚠️ ADMIN WARNING: NO POLITICS]
  14. BannedByTMC

    Tesla to build Dojo in Buffalo NY factory

    Nice to see them get more use out of the Buffalo factory
  15. BannedByTMC

    Disapointed With 15mph Reverse Speed Limit

    This was one thing I had hoped would not carry over from the other models. I wonder if there is a way to over ride it temporarily? The reason being is I've been in situations off road in mud when high tire speed in reverse kept me from being stuck in a hole or mud pit. I know it's a...