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  1. Speedr

    Got Rivet (in Your Pedal)?

    Question for people who just took delivery of their Cybertrucks: Is there a rivet at the bottom of your accelerator pedal?
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    Your Car Wash Experiences? Tips?

    Now that there are a lot more Cybertrucks out there, what are your experiences with car washes? Are they no big deal (i.e. it's stainless steel, it can't be hurt)? Or do they damage something (stains, rip mirrors off, etc.)? Any tips besides car wash mode (i.e. do you put it in low height...
  3. Speedr

    Unbiased Ride Quality Review

    Just thought I'd drop this note to try and frame how great the ride is in the Cybertruck. I just picked up my wife from the airport. I did the same thing 2 weeks ago as well. Both times she let out a sigh and said how great it was to be in such a smooth and comfortable riding vehicle again. The...
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    Official Cybertruck Off-Road Guide - from Tesla! [22 pages] 📒

    Cybertruck Off-Road Guide Cybertruck Off-Road Guide
  5. Speedr

    Sadly the FUD is winning.

    I had 4 people come up to me in the last 2 days to warn me about the recall! I can't believe the MSM FUD worked so well :( I tell them that the day before it was announced, there was a Ford recall for 500,000 vehicles that could CATCH FIRE. Had they heard of that? After they say no, I tell them...
  6. Speedr

    Lug Nut Caps

    Does anyone know how you know if Lug Nut Caps are tight enough to stay on? Or do you just put them on and hope? Or is there something you can apply to ensure they stay on?
  7. Speedr

    You can power your house with Cybertruck if you already have a Powerwall!! [confirmed by Drew Baglino of Tesla]

    Drew Baglino from Tesla commented on X that if you have a Powerwall and wall connector already, you don't need ANY ADDITIONAL EQUIPMENT INSTALLED, nor the universal Connector, to power your house!
  8. Speedr

    PSA - Center Read Armrest lowering - Pull Tab

    To lower the center rear armrest: There's a tab at the base of the center seat back that you pull, and then, while still holding it out, you can pull the top of the center backrest down. It's takes two hands unfortunately...
  9. Speedr

    PSA - Rear Tailgate lip to ground at lowest height = 32" inches

    The height of the tailgate when in the Entry Mode is 32 inches above the ground. It's slight higher by 1/4-1/2 inch when in Low mode.
  10. Speedr

    Cybertruck Seat Height for Entry - Info for helping elderly/limited mobility people getting in

    Did some measurements for the specific reason to see how the Cybertruck would work for transporting elderly or limited mobility people. I have an elderly parent who has limited movement, but can stand briefly. The current vehicle bring used is a Model Y. Below are the measurements: Cybertruck...
  11. Speedr

    Got Cybertruck? Do now! Tampa, FL Delivery

    It's surreal! I've owned quite a few Tesla's over the last 6+ years. This feels like the first time I drove a 3. It's a Tesla, but it's entirely new and different. So far, everything is great! The Delivery team was great. They drove the truck down since letting it sit anywhere causes a...