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  1. Can Tesla produce an $80k Cybertruck?

    That's why teslas have spartan interiors and no buttons. Large interior panels, less interior options, battery options, paint options all are cost saving measures. Most other legacy auto companies are copying tesla for tech and interior styling for EVs out of necessity. We must remember that...
  2. Can Tesla produce an $80k Cybertruck?

    I bet they already make the awd truck for less than 80k. The fs upcharge is about 15k of actual value added, 5k early adopter fee. If you take out the gigacasting and other machinery fixed costs they are already probably in high single digits profit margin per vehicle. It is just matter of time...
  3. Cybertruck crash vs. Lexus

    I agree, the windshield is so wide and so tall that you already have a great view so the pillar and blind spot area near the triangular window is a spot you would have no chance of seeing in most vehicles because it would be dashboard etc.
  4. Ok... Time To Share Yall's White Interior Detailing Tips!

    Armour all wipes, baby wipes and aveeno makeup remover wipes....armour all is great for sunscreen stains, any dirt on white aspect goes away with unscented baby wipes. Heavier stains for the white interior try armour all wipes or the aveeno makeup remover wipes.
  5. Best phone mount for Cybertruck!

    I took your mount idea and improvised a bit. I thought the extension arm was a little short and blocked the center floor storage area a bit. So I did this: I put it dead center so phones on either side can still charge wirelessly on the pad and then center console usb cord is between the...
  6. Best phone mount for Cybertruck!

    Awesome! Thank you so much for posting this. I have been looking and looking!
  7. Barkeepers Friend Liquid & Windex Combo Issue - Now What?

    It's not a question of if it works but the cost to the stainless over time and also the time and effort it takes. It's more complex than other cleaning options and seems to take longer. I also think telsa, knowing the special steel variant they used and having the biggest incentive to keep the...
  8. Max water fording depth of Cybertruck

    Put it in Wade mode if you aren't sure of depth. I think it can go through 17 inches or more. Search "cybertruck Wade mode" on youtube and see how insanely well the truck does
  9. Barkeepers Friend Liquid & Windex Combo Issue - Now What?

    Sprayaway Glass cleaner, ammonia free is great for surface grime and fingerprints. Instead of bkf, tesla recommends citrisurf 77 and blue scotch Brite pad then rinse off with water Water and white vinegar 50-50 mix works as well for spots Spray away doesn't get. Regular automatic car wash...
  10. AWD Model vs Cyberbeast

    The other forum about out of spec Kyle's 15k review has some interesting things to say about ride quality and drive train for awd vs cyberbeast that is worth reading as well.
  11. Has anyone found the best insurance company to use? What about comprehensive delivery checklist?

    Very similar to me so I went to progressive. My parents have had progressive with good experience.
  12. Has anyone found the best insurance company to use? What about comprehensive delivery checklist?

    Agreed, switched to them in florida. Cheaper than geico. If you signed up for Experian credit monitoring they will get quotes for you and progressive saved me a ton.
  13. Tesla Fire... Those rims tho.

    It spontaneously combusted when it heard the new R1T quad was faster than cyberbeast
  14. Rivian R1T Refresh (Gen 2) Dethrones CyberBeast? 0-60 in 2.5s

    Ultimate regret is spending an extra 20k to not have the fastest truck and get a light bar that is not street legal. If the bias of awd owners is to get truck earlier to have eyeballs on them, the beast bias is I gotta have the fastest truck ever yet many beast orders haven't been fulfilled yet...
  15. Vampire Drain

    Tesla is downloading so much data from our trucks for fsd etc. I think the vampire drain fixes at the pace Tesla wants. I think jumping through all these hoops helps some but it is the truck using wifi at home to send data for fsd. Vampire drain will get better even more once fsd and autopilot...
  16. Google Maps sharing stopped working?

    I've had that happen the first time I send the address, if you send again immediately it has worked for me.
  17. Rivian R1T Refresh (Gen 2) Dethrones CyberBeast? 0-60 in 2.5s

    Every time I see the R1T this is what I see:
  18. 2024.14.11 Update

    I noticed today that my wipers were going nuts after I pushed the button for a one time morning dew cleaning and then I looked in the wiper menu and it was set on speed II, not auto. Check to make sure your wipers are actually on auto and don't have some random switch over. Mine were on auto...