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  1. Friday

    Accident damage -- plastic bumper replacement / repair cost

    I'm hoping the four wheel steering improvements will make parking backouts less stressful. As I have been going to my usual parking lots (pre CT delivery) I've been paying attention to the space and aisle sizes. I currently drive a Y so there's almost never an issue with parking space size...
  2. Friday

    Cyberlandr CEO interview by Dr Know It All

    I'd say the countdown is on for one of the existing larger RV/overlanding manufacturers to buy out Cyberlandr founders for the IP designs to enter the market ahead of the others. Nice payday. FYI, I didn't watch the video, did not stay at a Holiday Inn.
  3. Friday

    Why the ONE FINGER salute for the Cybertruck?? Top 10 reasons for the hate!

    Mach E owners report similar behavior from Mustang owners. Humans are complicated and unpredictable.
  4. Friday

    Why the ONE FINGER salute for the Cybertruck?? Top 10 reasons for the hate!

    Early S, X, 3, and Y drivers reported getting flipped off and stuff tossed at them on the old reddit, teslaownersclub threads. It eventually died out as these things do. I just put it up to individuals with poor impulse control. I would do nothing to engage or react to the flippers, you...
  5. Friday

    Tomato sauce vandalism

    This cleaner is used in restaurants to remove stains of all kinds from stainless tables, sinks, cooktops etc(most restaurants are stainless and deal in acidic foodstuffs constantly). I use it on my stainless sink with very good results in inhibiting grime and stains. Don't see why this...
  6. Friday

    Foundation Series upcharge and insurance coverage.

    Thanks! Real world info is gold. I did see in my research that State Farm offers what they call "Payoff Protection +" as a type of gap insurance. I have no idea how much that adds to the overall insurance bill at this time.
  7. Friday

    Foundation Series upcharge and insurance coverage.

    I wonder if some sort of add-on GAP insurance may help cover any FS valuation loss longer term.
  8. Friday

    Foundation Series upcharge and insurance coverage.

    I have a few collector vehicles that I use an "agreed value" coverage. That gives me monetary coverage on something that essentially might have no value in a modern KBB valuation. Since we know eventually the Foundation Series will conclude (?) and the next wave will be the standard pricing...
  9. Friday

    Circuit board themed CyberTruck wrap

    Hopefully an open source circuit design. No IP violation danger. :cool:
  10. Friday

    Cybertruck Powershare what questions do you have??

    I'm curious to how home insurance companies view the addition of Powershare equipment and how much it may effect pricing of insurance.
  11. Friday

    Cybertruck Federal Solar Tax Credit!?

    I ran this scenario thru and it pointed to a 5 month old reddit thread regarding this scenario. Also, here is its answers to my query: Would a Cybertruck, which is designed to be a backup battery for V2H power, qualify under the Federal Solar Tax Credit? Based on the information...
  12. Friday

    Cybertruck Federal Solar Tax Credit!?

    This thread has earned a rare "Watch" for me. This is intriguing.
  13. Friday

    I took delivery of my CyberBeast and doodled all over it!

    The (re)birth of the Art Car. Wait until CT's hit Burning Man. I love the inside-out thinkers.
  14. Friday

    Arizona rise up! Let’s go. VIN secured.

    Yep, used to be called Studio Zone, back in the day. Union rules and all.
  15. Friday

    Arizona rise up! Let’s go. VIN secured.

    Funny that Thirty Mile Zone (TMZ) now includes AZ.
  16. Friday

    Keeping Cybertruck clean w/ Bar Keepers Friend + Windex...

    When I had my Pacifica, bird crap was really hard to remove from whatever paint clearcoat Chrysler put on it. Add the high heat season to turn the crap to cement. The roof could only be accessed to clean via step ladder so stuff would build up unnoticed. I started using an enzyme cleaner...
  17. Friday

    Satin White Cybertruck Wrap! With Aftermarket 20" TCT Flow Forged Wheels + Falken Wildpeak AT4/W Tires

    I talked with this owner at a supercharger between Christmas and New Years. He showed me a render of the final look. I don't think this truck is done being tricked out. IIRC, there will be black accessories mounted (ie lightbar and rack) that will really give a more black on white contrast...