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  1. Speedr

    No Ragrets!

    Tesla's are just different. Especially with all the over the air updates, they never feel old. Also, they're just fun to drive. All of them!
  2. Speedr

    Review: Cybertruck is a Miracle and Its Flaws Are What Makes it Cool

    Sure, if that's how you want to rationalize it... I'm just suggesting to you that if you want to be more objective, compare it to the alternatives. Otherwise, all of your reviews will sound overly negative. Good luck!
  3. Speedr

    Review: Cybertruck is a Miracle and Its Flaws Are What Makes it Cool

    I DID read the article, but after I watched the video, so I was a little biased. But let me delve into you're main points in the article: Compromise 1: Build Quality I always chuckle at these that people, especially in the car business, can with a straight face, point out panel gaps and issues...
  4. Speedr

    Got Rivet (in Your Pedal)?

    Thanks everyone! I got my recall notice in the mail, but I've never had an issue. Not sure if I should go in and get it riveted, wait for something better to show up, or just not worry about it. It's my understanding that if it doesn't move now, it's never going to move...
  5. Speedr

    Review: Cybertruck is a Miracle and Its Flaws Are What Makes it Cool

    It came off as two car salesmen who tried a new car they just got with ZERO education or information. The fact that they didn't even know you use your phone as the key to the car was the first giveaway.
  6. Speedr

    Got Rivet (in Your Pedal)?

    Question for people who just took delivery of their Cybertrucks: Is there a rivet at the bottom of your accelerator pedal?
  7. Speedr

    Fully Forged Atomic Wheels for Tesla Cybetruck

    Can you put a Cybertruck silhouette on the center cap instead of AW?
  8. Speedr

    I know where to put that $2500

    It's good for a year, so just hold on to it and when it's available (supposedly later this year), you'll be able to apply it. Also, there's no real money until it's used, so this would be similar to applying it. The benefit of just holding it is you have more flexibility (i.e. they introduce...
  9. Speedr

    "Foundation Series Orders end 6/30/3024" Joe Tegtmeyer

    I think it's perfect. If they had said in the beginning "it will be a limited edition run" of 20,000, I don't think anyone would have complained. Also, as has been proven out, there are a lot of people that would gladly pay for the fully loaded Cybertruck to get it sooner (plus a relatively...
  10. Speedr

    Awesome off-road but plastics are too soft

    Someone, at some point, will make replacement ones that are better for whatever your goal is. I'm hopeful the range hit is minimal with the removal of the leading fairings, and someone makes a replacement than just covers where they mount and doesn't extend below it.
  11. Speedr

    Article Title: Tesla Cybertrucks Are Still Breaking Down ...

    Also remember, all of the suppliers are going through the same thing as well! Most are new parts (and technology, for example, the 48 volt systems/accessories). We see teething issues from ALL car manufacturers. Even the lauded "Toyota" had wheels falling off one of their EVs when they...
  12. Speedr

    Anyone who received $700 for powershare, any updates on $2500

    My gut says this is more related to the reduction of the cost of FSD than anything else. My bet is, if you took delivery of your Cybertruck when FSD was $12,000, you're only going to get the $700. If you took delivery after FSD was reduced to $8,000, I bet you get the $2,500. This is just my...
  13. Speedr

    Cybertruck Deliveries Suspended Temporarily -- due to windshield wiper motor issue

    Last 3 times picking up new Tesla's (Model 3, Model S, Cybertruck), we were in and out in less than 20 minute. And most of that was just us making sure everything was good. Never at the end of the quarter though. Sorry to hear what you had to go through. Not give an excuse, but more of a...
  14. Speedr

    AWD Model vs Cyberbeast

    TOTALLY AGREE! Was just pointing it out. Also, like I said, if I could have gotten a beast back in February, I would have (I have a Model S Plaid, so you KNOW I want speed). My point was more, now that I have the AWD, I doubt I'll upgrade to the beast (not that Tesla will let me right now). In...
  15. Speedr

    AWD Model vs Cyberbeast

    Change can happen faster than you think. The most vivid example was around 2007-2009, when gas went to $4/gallon. Literally overnight, almost all Ford Expeditions stopped being driven. They went from being everywhere to nowhere. I can only assume they exported most of them to other countries...
  16. Speedr

    AWD Model vs Cyberbeast

    Tesla has stated (and continues to state) that the end goal is 250k a year, with the current ramp on track for a run rate of 125k per year by the end of 2024.
  17. Speedr

    18” Wheels: Rays TE37 Large P.C.D. Mounted + BFG KM3 Mud Terrain 35x12.5 Tires!

    @Earthxploration, can you share any more pictures? Looks amazing! The latest theory is the bolt on piece is for crash behavior. Pretty good foresight to ensure it can be unbolted to allow for smaller wheels to be used.
  18. Speedr

    AWD Model vs Cyberbeast

    The single reason why I'm not that distraught about getting the AWD over the Cyberbeast is the default drive axle that powers the truck: AWD is Rear Cyberbeast is Front So when driving or not accelerating very aggressively, the AWD is a RWD, while the Cyberbeast is a FWD. Full disclosure: I...