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    Range Anxiety, Ha! Cybertruck performing far above expectations and vs F-150 Raptor

    A few weeks ago I drove my 2021 Model S Plaid from Phoenix to Albuquerque. Along with getting accustomed to how good FSD actually is on the open highway, I was happily surprised at how good Tesla’s navigation from my origin was to my destination by percentage that I could expect at arriving. It...
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    Rear Bumper Protectors (by BestEvMod&EVvida) - Stainless Steel Version : installed photos & review

    For $70 I think these were worth it! By @BestEvMod(AOSK) / EV-Vida I had already backed into a supercharging stall on the passenger side bumper. Now I’m going to have to be even more careful backing up this beast. These are legitimately thick and I think they should hold up pretty well...
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    I had to do it…. run to the dump

    After 2.5 months of ownership, VIN 6500 and 679 miles I had to load my CT for a run to the dump. I’ve been babying it and questioning whether I’d ever opt to use it over my Gen 3 Raptor, but today I did the unthinkable; I prepared it (still in baby mode) for a run to the dump. I just couldn’t...
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    Off Roading the CT in deep sand (Albuquerque’s west side)

    Second time getting the CT off road. I can’t give Tesla enough credit for making it as nearly capable as the Raptor. If it were just a truck for on road duty that would have been a major fail. My main lesson learned today as I mention in the video my 12 year old put together in less time it...
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    First time off-roading, wow! Baja Mode is a blast in my AWD CT!

    Finally got out for a little off-roading in the CT. Was totally impressed w the front and rear lockers. Baja mode seemed to produce even more fun and thrust in the dirt than I expected! Only made it out for about 15 minutes tonight w my Skydio 2+, but it was so worth it! Can’t wait to get...
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    @jeremyjudkins on X nails it. (CT Ownership)

    I’ve had my CT for almost a month and a half. I’ve had almost everyone of these experiences he lists in the post. They’re pretty spot on, worth the read. I am glad to see more on the road. I’m driving it more regularly myself and really enjoying it. It’s such a great vehicle to drive.
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    Seriously considering selling the Raptor now… after owning Cybertruck

    I have a 2022 raptor, 37 package, with the blue leather interior package. 27k miles. After a week and a half of ownership with the cyber truck, I am seriously considering selling it. The drive is definitely better. It is easier to drive and the suspension is so far better going over bumps and...
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    TSportline Matte White DIY Wrap

    Started my install yesterday on the DIY satin white wrap. So far, I’m in for 10 hours of work. I’ve got 50% done. Will see if I make better time tomorrow on the remainder. I got my CT last week on Tuesday. Feeling badly for all ya’ll waiting on yours in the midst of the “delay”. I’ll post some...